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Jeongmee Kim
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Scope, a fully refereed on-line journal of film studies edited by staff
and postgraduate students within the institute of Film Studies at the
University of Nottingham, is looking for conference reports of about
1000-1500 words to be included in forthcoming issues. We're seeking
contributions on the events listed below, but we also welcome reports on
other relevant conferences in film, media and cultural studies.

· Hong Kong Culture: The Identity in Its Diversity (10/20-22/00/ Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong)
· See/Hear: Music and Film (11/9-10/00/ University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK)
· Defining Cult Movies: The cultural Politics of Oppositional Taste (11/17-19/00/
      Broadway Cinema, Nottingham, UK)

· Television: Past, Present and Futures (12/1-3/00/ University of Queensland's St. Lucia campus, Australia)
· On the beach: Cultural Studies Association of Australia Conference2000 (12/4-6/00/ University of Queensland, Australia)
· 2nd Annual Conference and AGM (1/19-21/01/ University of Loughborough, UK)
· Inaugural International Conference of the European Cinema Research Forum (1/27-28/01/ University of Wales, UK)
· The Cold War: Cinema, Politics, Military Conflict (3/7-10/0l /The Cold War Area of the Southwest/Texas Popular Culture Association, New Mexico, USA)
· Violence, Cinema, and American Culture (4/6-7/01/University of Missouri-St. Louis, USA)
· 2001 Conference British Association for American Studies (4/6-9/01/ Keele University, UK)
· Film Stars in the Nineties (4/7-8 /01 /University of Sussex, UK)
· Re-Conditioning the 'Queer': Moving-Image Theory and Culture in the Age of Global Transnationalism(5/24-27/2001/Society for Cinema Studies Conference, Washington, D.C., USA)
· Forever Godard: An International Conference on the Work of Jean-Luc Godard (6/21-24/ 01/Tate Modern, London, UK)

Reports, queries and expressions of interest should be sent to Jeongmee
Kim, Conference Reports Editor,

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