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Transformations: The Journal of Inclusive Pedagogy is now accepting
submissions electronically. Visit our web site
(http://transformations.tcnj.edu) and see how TOSS, Transformations
Online Submission System, will speed up the process of submission,
review, and acceptance.

Transformations has a ten-year history of publishing essays from all
disciplines by such leading scholars as Anne Fausto-Sterling, Amy Ling,
Paul Lauter, Bonnie Zimmerman, and Annette Kolodny. Representing a
variety of approaches, both theoretical and practical, the journal
provides a dynamic exchange among diverse scholars. New features
include "The Workshop," which will provide short descriptions of
pedagogical innovations, and "The Forum," which will address a specific
question about inclusive pedagogy.

Functioning as a broad and generous resource, Transformations will
assist teachers and scholars at all levels who are committed to
integrating recent scholarship on gender, race, ethnicity, class,
sexuality, and other identity positions.

For more information, visit the journal's web site at:

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