CFP: 21st C. British and Irish Novelists (various; collection)

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A few authors are still available for the forthcoming volume of the
Dictionary of Literary Biography dedicated to "Twenty-first Century British
and Irish Novelists." This volume will contain a wide array of authors who
are making their reputations today but will likely write well into the
twenty-first century.

Julie Myerson (6,000 words)
Livi Michael (6,000 words)
Philip Hensher (4,000 words)
Kate O’Riordon (4,000 words)
Emma Donoghue (4,000 words)
Peter Cunningham (6,000 words)
Michael Collins (4,000 words)
James Ryan (4,000 words)
Toby Litt (4,000 words)
Ahdaf Soueif (4,000 words)

Anyone interested in writing an entry should contact me and include a brief
cv either in the e-mail message or as an attachment in RTF (Rich Text Fort).
Writers will have six months to complete the entry. Publication will occur
sometime in late 2002.

If you have any questions about the DLB, I’ll be happy to address them. You
can also consult the reference section of your library for hard copies or
online for electronic versions. Currently there are well over 200 volumes of
the DLB in print with many more in press. You may access the publisher's web
site at and then follow the links for the DLB. You will
find both a style guide for editors and authors as well as a sample entry.
Review the style guide carefully. Read the sample entry. Please be sure you
can work within the parameters of series. If you are still interested after
reviewing both the style guide and the sample entry, please contact me so
that we can agree upon an author and schedule.

Michael R. Molino
Department of English
Southern Illinois University-Carbondale
Carbondale, IL 62901-4503
office: (618) 453-6861
fax: (618) 453-8224 or

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