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Kris Knauer

Call for Contributions

We are currently planning to re-edit and republish Britishness and =
Cultural Studies: Continuity and Change in Narrating the Nation in =
England after a successful 'debut' in Poland (eds Knauer and Murray, =
Katowice: Slask, 2000). We are looking for more focus on British =
popular culture and media as well as Asian/Indian Culture in Britain, =
esp that what the anthology explores is a dialogic approach to both =
Britishness and to cultural studies.

If you are interested in having your essay included and/or identify =
another 'gap' and wish to contribute, please contact me at = or

Britishness and Cultural Studies. Continuity and Change in Narrating the =
Nation is a collection of introductory texts for (British) Cultural =
Studies courses. Representing 'British culture' the authors acquaint =
students with Cultural Studies methodologies and practice, especially =
when it is applied in multi- and cross-cultural contexts. Narration of =
national culture is examined from diverse perspectives: class, ethnicity =
and gender; history and postcoloniality; the interdisciplinary quality =
is achieved through analysis of literature, art, mass culture, =
international relations, myths and stereotypes. Students are encouraged =
to interpret contemporary phenomena such as globalisation, migration, =
tourism, the age of information, cross-cultural fertilisation, and the =
rise of new qualities and values. Britishness... presents academic and =
personal approach to culture.


Editors' preface *

List of Contributors *

Acknowledgements *

Culture and Nationality *

Krzysztof Knauer

Perspectives on Culture and Cultural Studies *

Claire Hobbs

Culture and Signification *

Wojciech Kalaga

Past Tense:
History, Heritage and Ideology *

Alan Clarke

Difference Does Matter: Identity, Memory
and Multicultural Imagination *

Krzysztof Knauer

Culture and Labour *

Tadeusz Rachwal

Poetry in the Hands of the Receivers - Tony Harrison's v.:
Class and Language in 1980's England *

Paul Mills

'Stepping Out' Into The Twenty First Century:
British Women Poets Heading For "Planet Alice" *

Elizabeth Sandie

Irish Studies:
A Critical Introduction *

David Pierce

Darker Than Blue:
Black British Experience of Home and Abroad *

Paul Boakye

Where Myths Meet:
A British Caribbean Fiction *

Mary Cond=E9

Female Body/Whose Body? Contemporary Culture and Social Constructions of =
Femininity *

Marzena Kubisz

All the Umbrellas in London:
Homosexuality and British Film *

Glyn Davis

The Rise and Demise of the "yBa":
Reference and Revolt in Recent British Art *

Peter Suchin

The 'Third Way', the 'Radical Centre' and New Labour:
A New Departure in British Political Culture? *

Phil Ross

The Educational Pendulum Swings:
Scenes from a Changing Landscape *

John Thorpe

On the Edge:
New Performance in Britain *

Simon Murray

Kris Knauer
phd, University of Silesia, Poland
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