CFP: 15th and Early 16th C. Printing, esp. William Caxton (no deadline noted; collection)

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William Kuskin
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----I am currently in the final stages of putting together a collectionof essays on printing before the incorporation of the Stationer'sGuild, with special emphasis on William Caxton. I need two essays toround out the collection.The volume seeks to explore the relationships between fifteenth- andearly sixteenth-century print production and the consolidation ofEnglish literary and political culture. It asks after the ways theearly printers' work produces new texts and new ideologicalformations of nationalism, subjecthood and literary authority. Morebroadly, it asks how a renewed examination of Caxton's work with thepress complicates the current debate on canon formation andhistorical study.All methodological approaches are welcome. For now just send atitle, a brief (300-500 word) abstract, and a scholarly bio.Please email me off list at <>Sincerely,Wm.William KuskinVisiting ScholarStanford Humanities CenterStanford UniversityStanford, CA 94305o: 650.725.1382f: 650.723.1895h: 650.251.9967e: =============================================== From the Literary Calls for Papers Mailing List Full Information at or write Erika Lin: ===============================================Received on Wed Apr 11 2001 - 12:04:18 EDT