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Imre Szeman

Announcing a new series


_Cultural Spaces_, a new series from the University of Toronto Press,
explores the rapidly changing temporal, spatial, and theoretical
boundaries of contemporary cultural studies. Culture has long been
understood as the force that defines and delimits societies in fixed
spaces. The recent intensification of globalizing processes, however, has
meant that it is no longer possible - if it ever was - to imagine the
world as a collection of autonomous, monadic spaces, whether these are
imagined as localities, nations, regions within nations, or cultures
demarcated by region or nation. One of the major challenges of studying
contemporary culture is to understand the new relationships of culture to
space that are produced today. The aim of this series is to publish bold
new analyses and theories of the spaces of culture, as well as
investigations of the historical construction of those cultural spaces
that have influenced the shape of the contemporary world.


Richard Cavell, Department of English, and Chair, Canadian Studies,
University of British Columbia.

Imre Szeman, Department of English, and Associate Director,
Institute on Globalization and the Human Condition, McMaster University.


-Lauren Berlant, Department of English, and Director, Center for Gender
Studies, University of Chicago
-Homi K. Bhabha, Chester D. Tripp Distinguished Services Professsor in the
Humanities, Department of English Literature, University of Chicago
-Hazel V. Carby, Department of African American Studies, Yale University
-Christopher Gittings, Department of English, University of Alberta
-Lawrence Grossberg, Morris Davis Professor of Communication Studies,
University of North Carolina
-Mark Kingwell, Department of Philosophy, University of Toronto
-Heather Murray, Department of English, University of Toronto
-Elspeth Probyn, Department of Gender Studies, University of Sydney
-Rinaldo Walcott, Faculty of Arts, York University


Chris Bucci
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Siobhan McMenemy
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