CFP: Lay Devotion and the Urban Setting in Early Modern Europe (no deadline noted; journal issue)

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Nicholas Eckstein
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> to a special issue of Journal of Religious History entitled 'Lay
> Devotion and the Urban Setting in Early Modern Europe'.
> This is a call for contributors of articles to a special issue of the
> Journal of Religious History. The issue is to be dedicated to the
> theme of the elusive yet vital relationship between the devotional
> practices of the European laity and the urban context of such lay
> devotion in the late-medieval and early-modern periods. The
> historiography on this general area of lay piety and devotion,
> particularly as regards the European religious confraternities, has
> grown enormously in the last generation. In part, however, because the
> surviving sources tend to describe such devotional practices from
> within institutional parameters, themes such as the wider significance
> of institutions like religious confraternities to the life of the
> pre-modern city as a whole, and the way that liturgy and devotion
> became interwoven with the structures and values of everyday life have
> been less thoroughly and convincingly examined.
> The special issue of the addresses this theme, and the editor
> therefore particularly welcomes contributions that utilise a
> wide-range of source materials, or which employ an interdisciplinary
> methodology, to go beyond the description and/or analysis of
> devotional practices themselves and to relate them to other areas of
> urban existence, and in particular their relationship to urban space
> and the fabric of the city. Of especial interest are:
> - articles that examine the visual manifestation of lay piety and
> devotion from such an interdisciplinary standpoint, in public
> processions, the creation and veneration of sacred images, uses of
> public space and the like;
> - articles which seek to demonstrate how the values and beliefs that
> underlay organised lay devotion informed, and in turn were modified
> by, contact with the quotidian life of the city.
> Contributions on all areas of late-medieval, Renaissance and
> early-modern Europe will be considered for the issue.
> Contributions and/or proposals for articles should be sent in the
> first place to Nicholas Eckstein, Department of History, University of
> Sydney, Mungo MacCallum Building (A17), University of Sydney, Sydney,
> NSW 2006, AUSTRALIA. Tel: +61 (0)2 9351 2155, Fax: +61 (0)2 9351 3918.
> Submissions by e-mail attachment, written in Word, are preferred.
> Please send these, or any requests for further information, to:
> <>
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