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>Manuscripts are sought for a new series published by
>LIT Verlag (Berlin), entitled CAALS (Contributions to
>Asian American Literary Studies). This series of
>monographs or collections of essays is the first of
>its kind edited in Europe and aims to create an
>international forum for the interdisciplinary
>discussion of Asian American Literary Studies.
>Contextualizing the Asian American experience in
>literature in such a way demands a widening
>theoretical framework from within which one can
>analyze particular texts. Corollary to this, moreover,
>such interactive processes impose new strategies of
>reading and a continual call to reorientation through
>a new conditioning of the determinants of meaning.
>The editors of the series, Sämi Ludwig and Rocío
>Davis, are seeking manuscripts that offer specific
>readings which show the complexity and diversity of
>Asian American cultural production through
>interdisciplinary critical and theoretical lenses
>focusing on a wide variety of writers and genres. With
>this series they hope to initiate an international
>dialogue with the most innovative expression within
>diverse areas of research, reflecting the mood of
>Asian American creativity and its growing body of
>literary and cultural signification. The first volume
>of this series, _Asian American Literature in the
>International Context: Readings on Fiction, Poetry,
>and Performance_, prepared by the series editors, is
>due out in January 2002.
>For more information, please contact Sämi Ludwig,
>Department of English, University of Bern,
>Länggass-Str. 49, CH-3000 Bern 9, SWITZERLAND. email:
>; or Rocío Davis, Modern Languages
>University of Navarre, Pamplona 31080, SPAIN. Email:

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