CFP: Perspectives on Evil and Human Wickedness (e-Journal)

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E-Journal Launch & Call for Submissions
Perspectives on Evil and Human Wickedness
ISSN: 1471-5597

_Perspectives on Evil and Human Wickedness_ is an interdisciplinary ejournal
which publishes work from academic, professional, vocational, and religious
contexts relating to classifying, defining, and probing different aspects of
evil. It aims to shed light on the origins, sources, and manifestations of
evil as well as on the diverse angles from which humans can understand,
tackle, surmount, or come to terms with it. _Perspectives on Evil and Human
Wickedness_ does not espouse any ideological viewpoint or favour any
specific theoretical framework, but encourages a plurality of perspectives
aimed at advancing research on this topic.

Relevant methodological, theoretical, vocational and practical approaches
are sought to enrich the debate undertaken by this ejournal. It is hoped
that _Perspectives on Evil and Human Wickedness_ will quickly assert itself
as an important intellectual venue where the different disciplines and
professions can come together to reflect upon evil and related issues.

Contributions are solicited in the form of articles (under 6000 words),
dialogues, creative pieces, book and media reviews and personal reflections.
Feedback and responses on material published by the journal are also sought.

Submissions in Word, WordPerfect, PDF or RTF formats are recommended; please
see the 'Author Notes' section of the website for further details.
Contributors are urged to avoid unnecessary jargon and to make their work
accessible and intelligible to non-specialists. A brief biographical
paragraph should accompany each submission. Articles are normally published
in English, but other major languages may exceptionally be considered.

The publication programme is as follows:
Volume 1, January 2002; open issue
Volume 2, July 2002; Themed issue - 'Terrorism and War'

Information about future editions can also be found on the

For further details, information, and a style sheet, please
see the journal website at:

Please feel free to contact any member of the Editorial Board.

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