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Leona Toker
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Partial Answers: A Journal of Literature and the History of Ideas

Call for Papers

Partial Answers, a biannual journal sponsored by the School of Literatures
of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, is devoted to the interdisciplinary
study of literature and the history of ideas. It welcomes contributions
that explore the ways in which

-------literary texts can be perceived both as works of art and as testing
grounds for ideas;
-------literary works participate in the history of ideas, whether
understood as a continuous line of development, as a process of
inheriting and correcting schemas, or as a sequence of archeological
-------iterary texts negotiate ideological changes;
-------period concepts and debates impinge on the shape of the literary
-------the evolution of ideas affects our reading of the literature of the
past; individual texts reflect the changing ideas about literature
Partial Answers is published in a region where the need for consciousness
of the contingency of one's ideological position is intensely felt. The
journal encourages contributors to be explicit regarding their partialities
and their philosophical agenda.

The editorial board will consider articles of 3,000 to 10,000 words,
written in accordance with The Chicago Manual of Style and a consistent
system of reference. Two printed copies of each article and an abstract
must be submitted for preliminary evaluation and refereeing; an electronic
copy will be requested at a later stage. Articles must be accompanied by
self-addressed envelopes and International Reply Coupons, or they will not
be returned.

Mailing address:
Partial Answers
c/o Department of English
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Jerusalem 91905, Israel

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