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Michael Ian Borer
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Call for Submissions

The Boston Cultural Studies Project is seeking both substantive and
theoretically oriented essays regarding contemporary cultural beliefs,
practices, myths, symbols, texts, and icons. Accepted submissions will
be posted on the website ( ). We are
looking for short commentaries (400-700 words) on contemporary culture
in order to construct an inventory of cultural resources and provide
examples of how to evaluate cultural texts and practices. Reviews of
cultural resources and rebuttals of past submissions are also welcome.
In accordance with our objectives (see below), the Boston Cultural
Studies Project website will provide a forum of dialogue and debate,
consultation and conversation, reference and refutation for engaged
participants and casual observers. Your submissions should help
facilitate this interaction.

Send your article with a brief bio to both Michael Ian Borer at and Thomas Nesbit Jr. at for evaluation.
Please do not send attachments. Instead, copy your article and paste it
to the body of the email.

The Project's objectives:

- Address issues regarding contemporary American cultural resources
(e.g., religion, literature and the arts, popular entertainment,
electronic media, and products of other "culture industries")

- Critically assess the impact of these cultural resources on both
social and individual identity and meaning construction

- Determine the proper methods, vocabulary, and criteria for
interpreting, discussing, and understanding cultural texts by
appropriating theories from the social sciences and the humanities

- Examine cultural texts in relation to their socio-historical contexts
for a better understanding of both the texts and their respective

- Create and maintain a forum for discussion and debate about where and
how contemporary Americans adopt answers to the fundamental existential
questions and "ultimate concerns"

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