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Dear Colleagues


I am writing (i) to inform you about major changes in the administration
and academic activities of the journal European Medieval Drama (EMD);
(ii) to invite all scholars who work on medieval drama to consider
publishing their work in EMD; and (iii) to urge you and your University
Library to take out a subscription to EMD.

1. European Medieval Drama (EMD) is an annual journal published by
Brepols. It was launched in 1997 in association with the International
Conferences on Medieval European Drama organised at the University of
Camerino, Italy, by Sydney Higgins between 1996 and 1999. The first four
volumes of European Medieval Drama (1997-2000) published the Acts of
these conferences. This series of conferences was suspended for the
foreseeable future in 1999. At the Tenth Triennial Colloquium of the
Societe Internationale pour l'Etude du Theatre Medieval (SITM), held in
Groningen, Netherlands, in August 2001, it was proposed that EMD
should be published in association with the SITM. This proposal has now
been approved by all interested parties, and comes into effect from spring
2002. The present document provides a description of the administration
and functioning of the journal in its new guise.

2. Subject-matter.

The journal publishes original research in all aspects of the drama of
medieval Europe. In particular, it welcomes work on medieval drama
written in languages other than English, and comparative studies linking
English and continental material. Each volume consists of approximately
250 pages. Articles are accepted in either English or French; exceptionally,
articles may be published in other languages, if accompanied by a brief
resume in English or French. EMD also occasionally publishes translations
into modern English of medieval plays in other languages, subject to the
constraints of space. The journal carries notices relevant to members of the
SITM, as well as other information of interest to all scholars in the field of
medieval drama, e.g. recently-published books, forthcoming conferences,
etc. EMD publishes occasional book-reviews, but does not set out to
review all recent publications in the field of medieval drama.

3. Administration.

EMD is managed by two boards. The Editorial Board consists of four people:
a representative of Brepols (at present Dr Simon Forde), the President of
the the SITM (at present Professor Pamela King), the General Editor (at
present Graham A. Runnalls), and one other member of the SITM (at present
Lenke Kovacs). The Advisory Board is made up of 12 - 15 distinguished
scholars, chosen to represent the full range of specialisms with the
general field of medieval drama. The day-to-day management of the journal
is handled by the General Editor, in consultation with the other members
of the Editorial Board. The main task of the Advisory Board is to assess
and evaluate submitted articles.

4. Submission and Publication of Articles.

Articles must be posted in the first instance to the General Editor:

Graham A. Runnalls
European Medieval Drama
85A Colinton Road
Edinburgh EH10 5DF
Great Britain

They must conform in their presentation to the rules of the MHRA style
book, and must be submitted in the form of a PC Windows computer file
using [preferably] Rich Text Format (rtf) or Word for Windows 7 (or
earlier) on a floppy disk, accompanied by a print-out. Authors are
required not to attach their name to the text of their articles, in order
to facilitate objective assessment by members of the Advisory Board. Both
contributors and Advisory Board members remain anonymous. Corrections and
other modifications are handled by via email. Contributors correct proofs
made available to them on the internet by Brepols. Although exceptions may
occasionally be made for contributors who do not use computers, EMD's aim
is to achieve speed, efficiency and economy by the minimal use of postal
systems and by the maximal use of electronic communications.

5. Subscriptions.

The normal annual subscription rate (for individuals and libraries) is
(approximately) * 50. Paid-up members of the SITM benefit from a
preferential rate of (approximately) * 30. Information about membership of
the SITM can be obtained from the SITM secretary, at present Jesse
Hurlbut []. Information about subscriptions to
EMD for non-SITM members can be obtained direct from Brepols

6. Forthcoming volumes.

EMD 4 (2000) has just appeared, containing the acts of the last (1999)
Camerino Conference.

EMD 5 (2001) is due to be published in June 2002; edited by Jelle
Koopmans and Bart Ramakers, it will include a selection of papers
read at the 2001 Groningen Colloquium of the SITM.

EMD 6 (2002), also edited by Jelle Koopmans and Bart Ramakers, will
contain a second selection of papers from the 2001 Groningen

EMD 7 (2003) will therefore be the first volume produced under the new


Graham and Anne Runnalls,
85A Colinton Road,
Edinburgh, EH10 5DF, G.B.
Telephone: +44(0)131 337 1737


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