CFP: Technologies: Studies in Culture and Theory (ongoing; book series)

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gary hall

Call for Contributions

New Book Series from Continuum

Studies in Culture and Theory

Gary Hall & Chris Hables Gray

Parveen Adams, Keith Ansell-Pearson, Jim Falk, Steve Graham, Donna
Haraway, Deborah Heath, Manuel De Landa, Paul Patton, Constance Penley,
Kevin Robins, Avital Ronell, Andrew Ross, Allucquere Rosanne

Technologies is a new series of books from Continuum dedicated to
publishing innovative and provocative work on both ‘new’ and
‘established’ technologies: their history, contemporary issues and
future frontiers. The series will bring together theorists and
practitioners in cultural studies, critical and cultural theory, and
continental philosophy in order to explore developments in a wide range
of fields, including anthropology, art history, biotechnology, cultural,

media and communication studies, computer science, environmental
studies, gender studies, history of science, literary theory, medicine,
pharmacology, philosophy, political science and zoology.

Technologies will analyse areas as diverse as cyberspace, the city,
cybernetics, nanotechnology, the cosmos, AI, prosthetics, genetics and
other medical advances, as well as specific technologies such as the
railway, the motor car, the gun, the telephone, the answering machine,
the Internet and digital TV.

Technologies will address some of the most pressing questions raised by
technology for individuals, communities, cultures, economies and nation
states – What is the effect of technology on our understanding of
national identity? Is subjectivity being reconfigured by technology? Do
new technologies require new methods and new forms of analysis? – while
at the same time remaining open to the unforseeable and the unseen.

Titles for 2002

Adrian McKenzie, Transductions: Bodies And Machines At Speed
Graham MacPhee, The Architecture of the Visible: Technologies of Urban
Visual Culture
Joanna Zylinska, ed. The Cyborg Experiments: the Extensions of the Body
the Media Age

Technologies is currently looking for titles for 2003 and 2004.
For further information please contact the editors

Gary Hall
School of Arts
Middlesex University
Bounds Green Road
London N11 2NQ

Chris Hables Gray
University of Great Falls
1301 120th Street South
Great Falls
Montana 59405

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