CFP: Sexualities, Technologies, and Writing (3/1/03; journal issue)

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William P. Banks
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Call for Papers
Computers and Composition
An International Journal for Teachers of Writing

"Sexualities, Technologies, and the Teaching of Writing"

We invite proposals for a special issue of Computers and Composition,
entitled "Sexualities, Technologies, and the Teaching of Writing," which will
explore the many varied and productive ways in which issues of sexuality are
discussed, debated, constructed, and critiqued in computer-assisted writing

The guest editors encourage submissions that explore a wide range of topics
from a variety of perspectives. The articles should be guided by, but are not
limited to, the following questions:

->What theories or scholarly approaches to sexuality (including queer theory,
lesbian and gay studies, body studies and feminist studies—to name a few) have
informed the teaching of writing with technology? How? To what effect?
->How might computer-mediated discussions provide “space” for the “safe”
discussion of sensitive subjects, such as sexuality and sexual orientation?
How might they not?
->In general, what has been the impact of computers on discussing issues of
sexuality and sexual orientation?
->More specifically, how have the Internet and the Web emerged and been
integrated (or not) into the composition classroom in the discussion of
sexuality and sexual orientation?
->How might recent scholarship on the issues of race and technology reflect
upon or be useful for considerations of sexuality/technology in the writing
->How have computers shaped sexual conceptions of self and identity as writer?
as teacher? as student?
->How have definitions of and conceptions of sexuality changed with the use of
->How do current discussions of the “post-human” complicate the work of
->What are the ethical possibilities and pitfalls of bringing together
sexualities and technologies in writing classes?

In as much as possible, all articles should take into consideration current
scholarly work in both sexuality studies and the teaching of writing with
technology. The guest editors are more than willing to assist interested
scholars in locating appropriate sources.

The audience for Computers and Composition is teachers, scholars, educational
administrators, and technology users with a particular interest in computer-
enhanced writing instruction. Manuscripts should be 15-25 pages long, double-
spaced, and be formatted according to APA style.

500-word abstract: March 1, 2003
Draft of manuscript: June 1, 2003

Please send questions or abstracts (preferably by email) to:

Jonathan Alexander
University of Cincinnati
Department of Language Arts
P.O. Box 210205
Cincinnati, OH 45221
(513) 556-1769


William P. Banks
Illinois State University
Department of English
4240 Stevenson Hall
Normal, IL 61790-4240
(309) 438-2961

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