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Catriona Mills

CFP: World-Building or World-Borrowing: The universe of media tie-in fiction
An M/C Reviews "Words" Special Feature

Edited by Catriona Mills

Media tie-in fiction is the secret success story of modern publishing.
Novels based on the Star Trek and Star Wars universes routinely top the New
York Times best seller lists, but remain something of a covert pleasure. To
many, they seem to occupy an uneasy position between genre fiction and pulp.
But within the field there is a striking and vibrant diversity of style,
form and content. Clearly, there is room for critical intervention into
this phenomenon.

This special feature addresses novels and novelisations based on movies or
television programmes. Possible topics include:
- the publishing and marketing systems behind media tie-in fiction.
- the novelisation of blockbuster films.
- discussions of specific tie-in universes: Doctor Who, Star Trek, Star Wars
or others.
- why some shows are more likely to spawn tie-ins than others.
- why original novels are more important to fans than novelisations.
- the awkward ontological status of media tie-ins within fan culture.
- the contrast between media tie-ins and fan fiction.

Submissions should be 600-1000 words in length, and preferentially submitted
through the M/C Reviews site. Anonymous submissions are discouraged. This
will be an on-going feature, with new articles posted as they arrive,
beginning on the Saturday 14th September. For more information on this
special feature, check ot M/C Reviews at
or e-mail me at

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