CFP: Utopian Visions of Justice and Human Well-Being (3/15/03; journal issue)

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Lisa Trubitt
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The Birth of Another World: Utopian Visions of Justice and Human Well-Being
in Literature, Theory, and Practice


The editors of CJR, a Routledge Imprint, would like to invite authors from
all disciplines to submit an essay title/abstract for a special issue on
The Birth of Another World: Utopian Visions of Justice and Human
Well-Being in Literature, Theory, and Practice. The essays should focus on
visions of a new social order in which humanly disabling differences are
eliminated and new social arrangements created in which the needs of all
are taken into account and met. Submissions might focus on an analysis of
the work of authors who have grappled with the creation of a just world in
their writing and how their vision of a new world moves us forward to get
along as an interdependent global community. Authors selected might
include Ursula LeGuin, Marge Piercy, William Morris, Edward Bellamy,
Samuel Butler, Charles Nordhoff, R. Buckminster Fuller, B. F. Skinner,
George Bernard Shaw, Henry David Thoreau, George Orwell, Walt Whitman,
among others. Submissions might also focus on different forms of community
that were and are still being tried, discussing how such communities are
demonstration projects of sorts for directing us toward a new world
community. Communities examined might include the Shakers, Catholic
Workers, The Farm, Jonah House, Twin Oaks, Oneida, Disney's Celebration,
among others. With respect to theoretical perspectives, an essay might
offer ideas on what alternative forms of family (kinship), school
(learning), and work (livelihood) might look like and how we might bring
such forms about. Discussions might include views of how design
influences human well-being and justice and how forms of community (from
intentional community to co-housing) can prevent pain and suffering and
foster joyful living. The value of restorative and transitional justice
for healing human trauma and furthering human well-being within
communities would also be appropriate. We are also looking for film and
book reviews and review essays that are consistent with the theme of the
issue. Possible books might include Spaceship Earth, Democratic Vistas,
Walden Two, Brave New World, Animal Farm, Herself, News From Nowhere,
Woman on the Edge of Time, The Dispossessed, among others. Films review
essays might focus on the works of a particular director such as Oliver
Stone, Stephen Frears, Kurosawa, Marzieh Meshkini, George Lucas,
Makhmalbaf, Yimou, and Spike Lee.

The title/abstract of about 200 words should be sent by March 15, 2003 to
CJR Managing Editor, Lisa Trubitt, University at Albany, LC SB 31, 1400

Washington Avenue, Albany, NY 12222, Fax: 518-442-3847, E-mail:
LTrubitt_at_uamail.albany.ed. Inquiries might be made of Lisa or CJR

Editor-in-Chief, Dennis Sullivan (
<> ). Notification of acceptance will be made
by May 1, 2003. The finished essays (circa 25 typed double-spaced pages)
will be due January 15, 2004 for inclusion in the June and September 2004
issues of CJR.


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Lisa Trubitt

University at Albany


1400 Washington Avenue

Albany, New York 12222

(518) 442-3727 FAX: (518) 442-3847

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