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Susan Squier
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Call for Papers

Feminist Theory

Special Issue:
Feminist Theory and/of Science

Guest Editor: Susan M. Squier

Articles are invited that consider the relations between feminist theory
and science, as well as feminist theories of science. Essays may vary in
subject area and methodology. Literary, historical, and/or visual and
cultural studies approaches, sociological and anthropological approaches,
as well as perspectives from the scientific disciplines, are
encouraged. Possible subjects of exploration include: feminist theory and
the biological body and brain; the limits of materiality; the limits of
social construction; feminist theories of information and communication
technology (ICT); is there a feminist science? Is there a scientific
feminism? Discourses of science and feminist theory; feminist science
studies or queer science studies: what are the differences? What is the
role of literature in feminist theory / in feminist science studies? How
does feminist theory respond to the risk society? How does feminism
understand the categories of gender, race, class, disability, and/or
species as they are constituted and/ or deployed in scientific practice? Is
a 'non-modern' feminist science studies possible? What are the essential
texts for feminist theory of science? What practices characterize feminist
science studies or the feminist theory of science?

Feminist Theory is a peer-reviewed journal and all articles will be subject
to the usual refereeing process. Six copies should be submitted. Author's
names and biographical notes should appear only on a cover sheet, and all
identifiers in the text should be masked so that manuscripts can be
reviewed anonymously. Each article should be accompanied by an abstract
and keywords and a brief biographical note. Articles should be typed double
spaced, with references in the Harvard Style and substantive footnotes at
the end of the article. Manuscript length should be between 6,000 and 8,000

Detailed notes for contributors are available on request from the Feminist
Theory office: email feminist.theory_at_york.ac.uk Other inquiries should be
directed to the issue editor by e-mail, at sxs62_at_psu.edu

This special issue will review only unpublished manuscripts that are not
simultaneously under review for publication elsewhere.

Deadline for submissions: December 15, 2003.

Manuscripts should be clearly marked 'Special Issue' and sent either to
Feminist Theory, Centre for Women's Studies, University of York,
Heslington, York YO10 5DD or, in the case of North American authors, to
Susan Squier, PO Box 557, 211 Miller Lane, Boalsburg, PA 16827, USA.
Susan Squier is Brill Professor of Women's Studies and English at the
Pennsylvania State University, where she is a member of the Science,
Medicine, Technology and Culture group and the Disability Studies group of
the Rock Ethics Institute. She has served as President of the Society for
Literature and Science, and is currently on its Executive Board. Among her
publications are: Babies in Bottles: Twentieth-Century Visions of
Reproductive Technology, Playing Dolly: Technocultural Formations,
Fantasies and Fictions of Assisted Reproduction (edited with E. Ann
Kaplan), Arms and the Woman: War, Gender, and Literary Representation
(co-edited with Helen Cooper and Adrienne Munich). Her edited collection,
Communities of the Air: Radio Century, Radio Culture, is forthcoming in
2003 from Duke University Press. In summer 2002, she co-directed (with
Anne Hunsaker Hawkins) the National Endowment for the Humanities summer
institute on "Literature, Medicine and Culture" at Penn State University
Hershey Medical Center.

Susan Squier
Brill Professor of Women's Studies and English
S228 Burrowes Building
University Park, PA 16802

Home address: PO Box 557, 211 Miller Lane, Boalsburg, PA 16827
cell phone: 814-360-9622

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