CFP: English and Scottish Theatre 1940-2002 (8/1/03; encyclopedia)

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An Invitation to Students and Scholars of the British Theatre
from Kerry Moore, Editorial Advisor

Grolier is planning the publication of the Encyclopedia of Modern Drama,
edited by Gabrielle H. Cody and Evert Sprinchorn of Vassar College. This
four-volume set will offer a total of one million words on a variety of
topics ranging from Ibsen to the present, and the target audience consists
of college students, high school students and general readers. Following
is an elaboration from the general editors:

International, comprehensive, and interdisciplinary in scope, the
encyclopedia will be structured as a compendium of substantive articles,
and will differ conceptually from previous and existing works of reference
by positioning crucial playwrights directly into political, cultural, and
philosophical contexts. Experts in the fields of theater history, dramatic
literature and criticism, and theater studies will engage conventional as
well as experimental, established as well as emerging, authors. Much
emphasis will be placed on the multiplicity of aesthetic genres,
viewpoints, and voices that animate the modern and contemporary dramatic

As a member of the Advisory Board, I have responsibility for the section
on the drama of England and Scotland from 1940 to 2002. Most of the essays
for this section will be either biographical profiles of playwrights or
brief analyses of selected plays.

I seek scholars to write contributions ranging in length from 500 to 8,500
words. Each entry will bear the author's name, and contributors will be
compensated at the rate of twelve cents per word, so a 500-word essay
would pay $60. Each contributor may commit to as many or as few essays as
s/he wishes and each topic is available until I assign it to someone.

For further information, please visit

If you would like to contribute, please contact me via E-mail at and let me know which topics interest you. Please do not
submit finished essays until I have confirmed your assignments.

deadline for submissions: August 1, 2003

Ackland Rodney 500
Arcadia (Tom Stoppard) 500
Arden, John 500
Ayckborn, Alan 1000
Bagnold, Enid 500
Bed (Jim Cartwright) 500
Betrayal (Harold Pinter) 500
The Birthday Party (Harold Pinter) 500
Blasted (Sarah Kane) 500
Bolt, Robert 500
Bond, Edward 500
The Browning Version (Terrence Rattigan) 500
Butterfly Kiss (Phyllis Nagy) 500
The Caretaker (Harold Pinter) 500
Cartwright, Jim 500
Churchill, Caryl 3000
Cloud Nine (Caryl Churchill) 500
Closer (Patrick Marber) 500
Coast of Utopia (Tom Stoppard) 500
Copenhagen (Michael Frayn) 500
Deep Blue Sea (Terrence Rattigan) 500
Delany, Shalagh 500
Duncan, Ronald 500
English Drama – Survey 1940-2002 8500
Essex Girls (Rebecca Pritchard) 500
The Entertainer (John Osborne) 500
Entertaining Mr. Sloane (Joe Orton) 500
Equus (Peter Shaffer) 500
Fen (Caryl Churchill) 500
Frayn, Michael 1000
Fry Christopher 500
Greene, Graham 500
Greig, David 500
Hare, David 500
The Homecoming (Harold Pinter) 500
Invention of Love (Tom Stoppard) 500
Jellicoe, Ann 500
Kane, Sarah 500
Kereishi, Hanif 500
The Knack (Ann Jellicoe) 500
The Lady's Not for Burning (Christopher Fry) 500
Look Back in Anger (John Osborne) 500
Loot (Joe Orton) 500
A Man for All Seasons (Robert Bolt) 500
Marber, Patrick 500
Matura, Mustapha 500
Nagy, Phyllis 500
Neilson, Anthony 500
Normal (Anthony Neilson) 500
Old Times (Harold Pinter) 500
Orton, Joe 700
Osborne, John 700
Our Country's Good (Timberlake Wertenbaker) 500
Page, Louise 500
Pinter, Harold 3000
Pritchard, Rebecca 500
Rattigan, Terrence 1500
Road (Jim Cartwright) 500
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern (Tom Stoppard) 500
Saved (Edward Bond) 500
Serjeant Musgrave's Dance (John Arden) 500
Shaffer, Peter 500
The Skriker (Caryl Churchill) 500
Stoppard, Tom 3000
Storey, David 500
Trainspotting (Irvine Welsh, Harry Gibson) 500
Travesties (Tom Stoppard) 500
Top Girls (Caryl Churchill) 500
Van Druten, John 500
Voice of the Turtle (John Van Druten) 500
Walcott, Derek 500
Wallace, Naomi 500
Wertenbaker, Timberlake 500
Wesker, Arnold 500
Whiting, J. 500

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