CFP: Global Cinema (2/15/03 & 4/15/03; journal issue)

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Kelvin Wareen
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A Special Issue on Global Cinema

Abstract Deadline: February 15, 2003 (optional)
Submission Deadline: April 15, 2003
For Publication: 2003
World Order is currently seeking articles and reviews
for a special issue on "Global Cinema" exploring the
artistic, social, cultural, political, and spiritual
issues raised by film around the world. Submissions
may consider a range of issues (from thematic or
aesthetic aspects of a film, including the film’s
style, to issues of spectatorship and authorship, to
film editing and post-production and sound mixing)
that arise in the study of moving images -- including
mainstream and nonmainstream film, documentary, museum
installations, and so on.
The editors welcome articles or reviews from any
perspective, but we especially solicit manuscripts
touching on:

• Film as subject for criticism: critical studies or
reviews of a single film, a movement, a director, or a
series of films (for example, films with a common
theme, the decade’s three most important, and so on).

• Cinema in national, transnational, and diasporic
context: studies of film from a particular country
(Mexican, Iranian, French, Indian, Canadian, American,
Chinese, and so on); the impact on the character of
contemporary cinema by increasingly globalized and
transnational financing, production, distribution, and
viewing; the social, cultural, and political
ramifications of film’s transnationalization, such as
its potential for contributing to worldwide solidarity
and/or reproducing global power inequalities.

• Film in a production context: The function of the
camera, including depth of field, motion, portraiture,
lighting, color, narrative structure, and composition;
the relationship of film production aspects to
narrative structure; the role of music or sound.

• Film as a cultural artifact: film in sociopolitical
and/or historical contexts; film outside the
mainstream; film as product of and creator of culture;
the impact of film from one culture on a different
culture; and so on.

• Film as art: its power, nature, possibilities, and
responsibilities, particularly as a medium of
engagement with topics of urgent social interest (such
as war and peace, racism, immigration, poverty,
gender, religious persecution, spiritual longing,
sexuality, and so on).

• Top ten lists of films: the editors will give a gift
subscription to World Order and will publish the lists
that are the most creatively, insightfully,
instructively, amusingly, or otherwise fascinatingly

World Order is a scholarly, but general interest,
quarterly publication. For a copy of the World Order
style sheet for preparing a manuscript (and other
tips), send an e-mail to <>, or write
the address below.

Submissions to the journal will be subject to external
blind peer review if they fall outside the expertise
of the editorial board or upon request by the author.

Manuscripts (in Word or WordPerfect) should be sent to
<> or to World Order, Dr. Betty J.
Fisher, Managing Editor, 4516 Randolph Road, Apt. 99,
Charlotte, NC, 28211-2933, USA

World Order has been published quarterly since 1966 by
the National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá’ís of the
United States, and is intended, “to stimulate,
inspire, and serve thinking people in their search to
find relationships between contemporary life and
contemporary religious teachings and philosophy.”

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