CFP: Modernism and Mourning (4/15/03; collection)

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Patricia Rae
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Submissions are invited for a proposed volume of essays on the subject of
=93Modernism and Mourning.=94 The collection will investigate the impact of
the =93work of mourning=94=96or alternatively, of resistance to that =93work=94 (what
Martin Jay has called the =93refusal to mourn=94)--occasioned by the Great War
on modernist literature in the inter-war years. It will concentrate on the
role of mourning (or its =93refusal=94) in producing the decentered or
alienated modernist subject and in shaping the formal features commonly
thought to define literary modernism. It will also consider the
importance of those connections for discussions of the politics of
modernist literature: the possibility, for example, that they point to
dimensions of political or social radicalism that have hitherto been
unappreciated. A further aim of the collection will be to address the
question of how the connection between modernism and mourning changes as
years pass and a second World War looms, to explore the effects, for
example, of the commodification of consolatory tropes and practices, of the
prospect of the repetition of war and of renewed demand for resources for
dealing with grief. While Freud=92s discussion of the =93work of mourning=94
will be a touchstone throughout, essays are welcome that deploy other, more
recent theoretical models for discussing responses to grief, such as those
of Derrida. Indeed, contributors are invited to reflect on the effect
particular theoretical models of mourning may have on our view of literary
modernism=92s politics and/or ethics.

Potential contributors should submit 600-word proposals (for essays
ultimately to be about 5000 words in length) by April 15, to Patricia Rae

Patricia Rae

Associate Professor and Head of Department
Department of English
Queen's University
Kingston, Ontario, Canada
K7L 3N6

phone: (613) 533-6000 extn. 74412 (Head's office)
or 74436 (private office)

fax: (613) 533-6872

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