CFP: Narrating the Law: A Comparative Perspective (3/31/03 & 2/28/04; journal issue)

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Sergia Adamo
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Call for papers

Compar(a)ison. An International Journal of Comparative Literature

Thematic issue on:
"Narrating the law. An overview of law and literature in a comparative

In the last few years various researches have shed light on the intertwining
between law and literature from an interdisciplinary perspective taking into
account different kind of texts, such as legal acts, trial proceedings, novels,
dramas etc mainly with reference to one culture.

This issue sets out to give an insight of this particular intertwining in
various cultures and an overview of the different perspectives from which it
has been studied. Contributions would preferably be focused on texts where the
representation of the world of law is a constitutive narrative device through
which the questions of the link between truthseeking and storytelling are
addressed. We are thinking, for instance, of texts where crimes or any act to
be prosecuted by the law, whose details are usually known to the reader from
the outset, are told, re-told and interpreted from different points of view
within legal proceedings and typical narrative devices (courtroom trials,
confessions, cross examinations and so on).

Papers, in English, in French, in German, in Italian or in Spanish, which, from
different perspectives, address these types of narratives dealing with the law,
including their cinema or theatre transpositions, are welcomed. Case studies
will be drawn preferably from different European and American cultures in a
constantly comparative perspective in order to put together a broad range of
examples on which reflection into theoretical questions can be furthered.

Deadline for abstract proposals (500 words): March 31st 2003
Notification of acceptance: by end April 2003

Articles may be 5000-6000 words in lenght and should be sent by February 28th

We are sending this call for papers on behalf of the chief editors of the
journal Compar(a)ison, Prof. Michael Jakob (Université Stendhal, Grénoble III)
and Prof. Juan Rigoli (Université de Fribourg).
Compar(a)ison is an international journal of Comparative Literature (published
by Peter Lang, Bern) whose principal aim is to promote the theory of
comparative literature and the development of new directions in comparative
studies. Rather than seeking a normative concept of comparative literature,
Compar(a)ison provides a forum in which different approaches can be elaborated
and, ideally, interact.

The editors,
Sergia Adamo, Clotilde Bertoni, Pierluigi Pellini

Sergia Adamo
Dip. Italianistica Linguistica Comunicazione Spettacolo
via dell'Università, 1
34123 Trieste – Italy
tel. +39-040.676.7219
fax +39-040.311.817

Clotilde Bertoni
Dip. Arti e Comunicazione
Piazza Florio, 24
90139 Palermo - Italy
tel. +39-091.609.0412(220)
fax +39-091.609.0300

Pierluigi Pellini
Dip. Letterature Moderne e Scienze dei Linguaggi
Corso Italia, 177
52100 Arezzo - Italy
tel. +39/0575.926.402
fax +39/0575.926.410

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