CFP: Mockumentary Essay Anthology Book (1/15/04; collection)

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Gary Rhodes
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We are soliciting contributions for a collection of essays (to be published
by McFarland Press) which will address the multiple ways in which
documentary film practices intersect and overlap with narrative/fictional
cinema. Films and filmmakers covered will represent a wide-range of
historical periods, styles, genres and national cinemas. It is the
editors¹ assumption that the mingling of documentary and fictional elements
constitutes a widespread and persistent tendency in cinema throughout its
history. The two generic categories we are most interested in exploring in
this anthology are the docudrama and the mockumentary. Chapters will
include, but are not limited to the following subjects:

* Documentary, narrative, and docudrama in EarlyCinema (essay already
* Ethnographic Forgeries: pseudo-scientific documentaries on Big Foot, UFOs,
ancient astronauts (essay already contracted)
* Medical/sexual exploitation films.
* Horror mockumentaries: Man Bites Dog; BlairWitch Project, etc.
* Auteurs of the mockumentary: Woody Allen, Christopher Guest, etc.
* Fake News: newsreel re-enactments of the 1930s
* The Snuff Film Movements of the 1970s and 1980s
* ³Mondo² films of the Sixties
* Reality TV (essay already contracted)
* Documentary styles and devices in narrative films‹Reds, Take the Money and
Run, Dr. Strangelove, Sweet and Lowdown, etc.
* Definitions of key terms like ³mockumentary,²³docudrama²
* Defining the canon of the docudrama/mockumentary
* Orson Welles use of documentary style: War of the Worlds; ³News on the
March² from Citizen Kane
* Mitchell Block¹s No Lies
* New looks at seminal documentary films such as Nanook of the North or the
Why We Fight? series from the perspective of their fabricated/narrativized
* New looks at film docudramas
* New looks at classic mockumentaries such as Zelig, This is Spinal Tap,
* Animated mockumentaries such as those produced byTex Avery for Warner
Bros. or the ³Goofy² series at Disney

Contributors should address all inquiries, proposals and submissions to:


Gary Rhodes
Dept. of Film/Video Studies
473 Elm Avenue
Norman, OK 73069


John Springer
Dept. of English
100 North University Drive
University of Central Oklahoma
Edmond, OK 73034-5209

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