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The following books have been received and need reviewers:

Allen and Turvey, eds, _Wittgenstein, Theory and the Arts_ (2001)
Steve Beard, _Aftershocks: The End of Style Culture_ (2002)
Bergfelder, Carter, and Gokturk, eds, _The German Cinema Book_ (2002)
Janet Bergstrom, ed., _Endless Night: Cinema and Psychoanalysis,
Parallel Histories_ (1999)
Bernardo Bertolucci, _Interviews_ (2000)
Leo Braudy, _The World in a Frame_ 25th Anniversary Edition (2002)
Giuliana Bruno, _Atlas of Emotion: Journeys in Art, Architecture, and
Film_ (2002)
Alison Butler, _Women's Cinema_ (2002)
Jane Campion, _Interviews_ (1999)
Sheila Cornelius, with Ian Hayden Smith, _New Chinese Cinema_ (2002)
John Corner, _Critical Ideas in Television Studies_ (1999)
Dai Jinhua, _Cinema and Desire_ (2002)
Danio and Maziere, eds, _The Undercut Reader: Critical Writings on
Artists' Film and Video_ (2003)
Wendy Everett, ed., _The Seeing Century: Film, Vision, and Identity_ (2000)
Manny Farber, _Negative Space_ Expanded Edition (1998)
Flory and D'Andrade, eds, _Film and Philosophy_ vols 5/6 (2002)
Gerow and Nornes, eds, _In Praise of Film Studies: Essays in Honor of Makino
     Mamoru_ (2001)
John Gibbs, _Mise-en-Scene: Film Style and Interpretation_ (2002)
David Gillespie, _Early Soviet Cinema_ (2000)
Goran Gocic, _The Cinema of Emir Kusturica_ (2001)
Alexander Graf, _The Cinema of Wim Wenders_ (2002)
Hague and Lavery, eds, _Teleparody: Predicting/Preventing the TV
Discourse of Tomorrow_ (2002)
Sue Harris, _Bertrand Blier_ (2001)
Ari Hiltunen, _Aristotle in Hollywood_ (2002)
Geoff King, _Film Comedy_ (2002)
King and Krzywinska, _Science Fiction Cinema_ (2000)
Stanley Kubrick, _Interviews_ (2001)
Annette Kuhn, _Dreaming of Fred and Ginger: Cinema and Cultural Memory_ (2002)
Vicky Lebeau, _Psychoanalysis and Cinema_ (2001)
Malcolm Le Grice, _Experimental Cinema in the Digital Age_ (2001)
Samantha Lay, _British Social Realism_ (2002)
Jacob Leigh, _The Cinema of Ken Loach_ (2002)
Jon Lewis, _The End of Cinema As We Know It: American Film in the
Nineties_ (2001)
George O. Liber, _Alexander Dovzhenko_ (2002)
Colin MacCabe, _The Eloquence of the Vulgar_ (1999)
Laurent Mannoni, _The Great Art of Light and Shadow: Archaeology of
the Cinema_ (2000)
Lev Manovich, _The Language of New Media_ (2001)
Millar and Doherty, _Jane and Louise Wilson_ (2000)
Tony Lee Moral, _Hitchcock and the Making of Marnie_ (2002)
Stephen Mulhall, _On Film_ (2002)
Martin O'Shaughnessy, _Jean Renoir_ (2000)
Richard Porton, _Film and the Anarchist Imagination_ (1999)
Phil Powrie, _Jean-Jacques Beineix_ (2001)
James Quandt, ed., _Kon Ichikawa_ (2001)
Angelo Restivo, _The Cinema of Economic Miracles: Visuality and
Modernisation in the Italian Art Film_ (2002)
D. N. Rodowick, _Reading the Figural, or, Philosophy After the New
Media_ (2001)
Sam Rohdie, _Promised Lands: Cinema, Geography, Modernism_ (2001)
Philip Rosen, _Change Mummified: Cinema, Historicity, Theory_ (2001)
Jonathan Rosenbaum, _Movie Wars_ (2002)
Saddar and Cubitt, eds, _Aliens R Us: The Other in Science Fiction
Cinema_ (2002)
Kevin L. Stoehr, ed., _Film and Knowledge: Essays on the Integration
of Images and Ideas_ (2002)
Stokes and Hoover, _City on Fire: Hong Kong Cinema_ (1999)
Nicolas Tredell, _Cinemas of the Mind: A Critical History of Film
Theory_ (2002)
Nwachukwu Frank Ukadike, _Questioning African Cinema_ (2002)
Ravi S. Vasudevan, ed., _Making Meaning in Indian Cinema_ (2000)
Paul Wells, _Animation: Genre and Authorship_ (2002)
Willoquet-Maricondi and Alemany-Galway, eds, _Peter Greenaway's
Postmodern/Poststructuralist Cinema_ (2001)
Peter Wollen, _Paris Hollywood: Writings on Film_ (2002)
Zhang Yimou, _Interviews_ (2001)
Slavoj Zizek, _The Fright of Real Tears: Krzysztof Kieslowski Between
Theory and Post-Theory_ (2001)

If you would like to review one of these works then please respond as
soon as possible to:

Do not hit 'reply', or send to this list's address.
By all means indicate alternative book choices in order of preference.
A brief statement of interest and experience will aid in the selection process.
Don't forget your postal address.

Length: 2-5,000 words
Deadline: June 1st 2003


Submissions are also invited for papers on any topic concerning the
philosophy of moving images, e.g. analytical film philosophy, film
aesthetics, cognitivism, Deleuzian film philosophy, phenomenology,

Specific request for papers on the idea of film form as a new kind of
'thinking' (e.g. Munsterberg, Deleuze, Artaud, Balazs, Biro, Epstein,
Gilbert-Lecomte, Wurzer, and Schefer, etc.)

Papers should be 2-5,000 words in length, original, and not under
submission elsewhere or previously published.

Send articles, abstracts and ideas to:
Do not hit 'reply', or send to this list's address.

Please read our guide for authors at:

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and the discussion of philosophical issues in films.' Kevin Stoehr,
in Film and Knowledge (Jefferson, NC: McFarland, 2002)

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