CFP: Religion, Myth and Rituals in American Lit. and Culture (9/1/03; journal issue)

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Miriam Fernandez
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rigorously explored within both global and local contingencies of the
present and the past.

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The political differences that dichotomized the world in the two
irreconcilables of communism and liberalism from the forties to the
eighties, and which was used as justification for the huge weapon
investment of these years were gradually transformed into racial and
cultural differences after the fall of the Berlin wall. During the
borderline years between the twentieth and twenty-first centuries,
religion is gaining relevance as a justification of the war, and is
already (once more) prioritizing part as part of social and political
discourses. Literature serves once more as mirror to these social,
cultural, and ideological changes. AMERICAN@ welcomes papers/reviews on
religion, myth, magic, and rituals in American literature of all times,
and proposes the following topics:

•Native-American rituals in literature and culture.
•Afro-American literature: religion(s), magic.
•Latino stereotypes: santería and literature.
•Gendered religion.
•Religion and War.
•America as the New Israel: Puritan literature.
•Media and Religión.
•Sects in American literature.
•Religious stereotypes.
•The religión(s) of America.
•Religion today: beyond the secular city.

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