UPDATE: 20th C. American Poetry (Spring '03; collection)

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Kimmelman, Burt
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Essays for Encyclopedia

Contributors are needed to write short essays (ranging from 500 to 2000
words) on these topics:

David Antin (500 words)
Caribbean Poetic Influences (2000 words)
Pat Mora (500 words)
New York School (2000 words)
Vikram Seth (500 words).

The essays are for a volume entitled A Companion to Twentieth-Century
American Poetry (to be published in June 2004 by Facts on File, Inc., a
publisher that enjoys very wide distribution in libraries, colleges and high
schools, as well as bookstores).

Payment for essays will be in presentational offprints and, too, for the
large topic essays, a copy of the book. All essays will carry the author's
name, and a list of contributors will appear in the back of the book.

The entire list of entries for the volume can be viewed at this website:
http://eies.njit.edu/~kimmelma/companion.html; also at the website can be
found a set of guidelines for writing the essays as well as sample, model

Essays are due by this spring.

If you are interested in writing for this book, then please send a message
to Kimmelman_at_njit.edu, using the subject header Essays for Book (or else
simply reply to this message). Please provide a bit of background about
yourself including a brief account of your publishing history if you have
one (do not send an attached cv or samples of writing).

Dr. Burt Kimmelman, Associate Professor of English
Department of Humanities and Social Sciences
New Jersey Institute of Technology
Newark, New Jersey 07102
973.596.3376 (p); 973.642.4689 (f)

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