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Nicole Frey
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Submissions are now sought for the eleventh issue of Variations, the journal=
 of literature of the University of Zurich, to appear in winter 2003.

Number 11 of Variations (Winter 2003) will focus on the topic of
monuments and, more generally, on the issue of the monumental. The
following questions are at the core of our interest:

- To what extent can a literary text be regarded as a monument and
thus as a memorial? What are the formal, textual and stylistic
characteristics of the monumental text (e.g. Proust's work considered
as a cathedral or Moby Dick as a monument of a nation)? Or is it
instead the recipient who characterizes the text as monumental?

- The aspect of the canon: what cultural, sociological or literary
constellations turn a text into a literary monument? How do literary
monuments come into existence and how do they vanish? How can
monumental texts be dealt with?

- How do texts themselves deal with monuments? What does the monument
represented in the text tell us about the text? In what way can the
monument in the text be regarded as a symbol for the text itself? The
statue of the 'commandeur' in Moli=E8re's Don Juan might offer some
food for thought in this respect.

- The monument is closely related to memory, mnemonic techniques and
death. It can be understood as a mediator between life and death. As
an aesthetic trend - as it was the case with poetic epitaphs in the
Renaissance and in Romanticism or with the aesthetics of ruins - the
monument is itself also a product of its time. How does the
monumental work deal with this ambivalent relation to time?

Contributions may be written in German, English or French. The
deadline for the abstracts is 22 April 2003. Once your abstract has
been accepted, the article as such (25'000 characters max.) is due on
27 June 2003.

If you would like to submit an article to this issue of Variations,
please send an abstract (half a page to a page) to the following

lic. phil. Nicole Frey
English Department of the University of Zurich
Plattenstrasse 47
CH-8032 Zurich
Tel. +41/1 634 36 71

Please, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or
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Nicole Frey
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