CFP: The Cultural Other (11/1/03; journal issue)

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Leona Toker
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CFP: "The Cultural Other" (journal rubric; November 1, 2003; June 2004)

PARTIAL ANSWERS, a biannual journal of literature and the history of =
ideas, calls for contributions to a new rubric that will open in its =
third issue and continue in the fourth issue. Papers in this rubric will =
be devoted to literary exploration and testing of ideas associated with =
the contact of cultures. The journal will welcome papers that examine =
the way in which conjunctions of literary and other scholarly discourse =
provide insight into

    ----the possibilities and the limitations of the mutual translation =
of cultures;
    ----the extent to which cultural contacts enhance tolerance and =
understanding or, conversely, hostility and entrenchment;
    ----the promise that intercultural exposure holds for cultural =
    ----the effect of the cultural other on cultural introspection;
    ----issues of nationalism, hospitality, internationalism;
    ----the promise or the threat of the cultural other to national =

PARTIAL ANSWERS encourages contributors to be explicit regarding their =
own partialities and their philosophical agenda. Please consult =
editorial policy on .

            The deadline for submissions is November 1, 2003. The =
journal continues to welcome submissions on other subjects. Articles on =
"The Cultural Other" postmarked after the deadline will be considered =
for publication outside the rubric.

Mailing address:
Partial Answers
c/o Department of English
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Jerusalem 91905, Israel


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