CFP: US Imperialism after September 11 (5/5/03; book)

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CFP: US Imperialism after September 11 (5/5/03; book)

Maisonneuve Press seeks contributions for a forthcoming volume, tentatively
titled Enduring Freedom or Enduring War. Contributions that focus on the new
global conditions declared by the Bush administration in the aftermath of the
destruction of the World Trade Center are welcome. We aim to place the
current war in the context of long-standing US military and foreign policies.
We seek well-researched, authoritative work that avoids "presentism" and
places recent policy in a deeper historical and analytic perspective. Essays
should meet strict standards of scholarly research, while being written in a
clear, lively style for a wide readership. The most suitable papers will
address one of the themes below:

1. Oil interests. For several years, in think tanks like RAND, SAIS, CSIS,
PNAC, etc. there's been an increasing demand that the US get its military
into Central Asia and elsewhere to be sure that US/European oil companies
dominate the development of oil fields and pipelines. Congress passed the
Silk Road Act in 1999 and authorized military installations in Central Asia.
2. Backgrounds to Al Queda and Osama bin Laden.
3. History of US involvement with Pakistani Intelligence, bin Laden,
mujahadeen, and other non-conventional armies in the various wars of the last
4. A close reading of the policies of Operation Enduring Freedom. A look at
all the documents, speeches, and actions that go under this rubric.
5. Case Histories - Iraq, N. Korea, Afghanistan, Philippines, and etc. Any
one country provides a good close look at how all of this "new imperialism"
works out.
6. Looking at the Future. Enduring Freedom will mean an increasingly
militarized society in the US. It will begin to look like the dystopia
depicted in Orwell's 1984. The Patriot Acts I and II and the blending of the
CIA and FBI and the Homeland Security Department will all transform American
society. What will be some of the implications of these changes?
We seek to re-contextualize the discussion of Bush's War on Terrorism. Get it
off of the "innocent America, victim of a horrible and surprise attack" and
get the focus back on the steady progress of US foreign policy. This war is
not taking the US away from its long held plans but only taking us deeper
into them.
Paper proposals (or complete essays) should be sent no later than May 5, 2003
either by mail or email attachment (Word document) to:
Carl Mirra
SUNY College at Old Westbury
Department of American Studies
Old Westbury, NY 11568

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