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Journal of American Studies of Turkey (JAST) is
accepting proposals for articles to be published in a
back issue (Fall 2002) of the journal. Deadline for
submissions is June 15, 2003.

A print and on-line publication of the American
Association of Turkey, Journal of American Studies of
Turkey publishes work in English by scholars of any
nationality on American literature, history, art,
music, film, popular culture, institutions, politics,
economics, geography and related subjects. We
particularly welcome articles which cross conventional
borders between academic disciplines as well as
comparative studies of American and other cultures.
JAST also publishes creative work, notes, comments as
well as book and film reviews. All articles are
reviewed by an objective, blind peer-referee process
before acceptance.

Note to Contributors

The Editorial Board welcomes submission of material
for consideration as an article, as a book or film
review, as a comment on articles previously published
in the Journal of American Studies of Turkey or as a
note about past events, announcing coming ones, or
constituting calls for papers. The articles should be
approximately 3000-5000 words in length (10-15
double-spaced typed pages), the book reviews should
not exceed 500 words (two double-spaced typed pages),
and comments and notes should be as brief as possible.
The articles should be consistent with the objectives
and scope of the Journal of American Studies of

No manuscript will be considered for publication if it
is currently under consideration by another journal or
press or if it has been published or is soon to be
published elsewhere. Both restrictions apply to the
substance as well as to the exact wording of the
manuscript. If the manuscript is accepted, the
editorial board expects that its appearance in the
Journal of American Studies of Turkey will precede
republication of the essay, or any significant part
thereof, in another work.

 Manuscripts should be arranged in the following order
of presentation. First sheet: title, subtitle (if
any), author's name, affiliation, full postal address
and telephone (and/or Fax) number, e-mail address (if
any), acknowledgements (if any). Respective
affiliations and addresses of co-authors should be
clearly indicated. Subsequent sheets: main body of
text, list of references (works cited) and notes (if
any), appendices (if any). The text should be
organized under appropriate section headings where

Notes, limited to explanatory ones, should be included
only when absolutely necessary. The MLA-1988
author-page style of documentation should be strictly

Book reviews should include a brief description of the
subjects covered in the book; an evaluation of the
book's strength and weaknesses; and the kind(s) of
audiences to whom the book might appeal. The heading
of the review should include the following
a. Title.
b. Author(s) or Editor(s).
c. Publication date.
d. Number of pages.
e. Price of book and postage and handling charges (if
f. Name and address of publisher.

Manuscripts should be prepared on a word processor and
printed double-spaced (including notes and works
cited) with wide margins, on one side of the paper
only. They should be sent in four copies (making sure
you retain one for your files), along with their
text-only or MS-Word files on a 3.5 inch HD diskette
in IBM-compatible format.

The copyright of all material published will be vested
in the Journal of American Studies of Turkey unless
otherwise specifically agreed.

For submissions and questions please contact:

Assist. Prof. Dr. Barýþ Gümüþbaþ

Hacettepe University, Faculty of Letters, Department
of American Culture and Literature, Beytepe-Ankara /


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nur Gökalp Akkerman

Hacettepe University, Faculty of Letters, Department
of American Culture and Literature, Beytepe-Ankara /

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