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Sangita Gopal
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We are seeking contributors for an upcoming anthology on Bollywood music.
There are two major academic presses who have expressed a strong interest
in this subject and we are looking for abstracts and enquiries.
Please find below the scope of the book and the questions it asks


This anthology explores from an interdisciplinary perspective the
trajectory of Bollywood music's entry into global cultural space, the
reasons for its contemporary relevance, and how this moment can help us
redefine the term "Bollywood". We ask whether Bollywood music ? in
particular the song and dance sequences ? that are ubiquitous in Bollywood
film enable identifications and affective circuits that provincialize
existing understandings of national cinema. In its different avatars,
Bollywood music far from being an additional element to the entertainment
on offer is the central axis along which pleasure, desire and
identification are calibrated. Thus Bollywood film ? constituted equally
of musical and visual elements ? emerges as a contranational artifact par
excellence whose world travels are enabled by this constitutive hybridity.

    Some of the issues we seek to elucidate are:

   n Where, how, and why does Bollywood music travel? What is its
      reception at different locations?
   n What are the economic, political, and cultural imperatives of
      Bollywood music's global trajectory?
   n How has Bollywood music been transformed by and appropriated to local
      needs? What forms of national identifications does the music enable?
   n What are the structural features that enable Bollywood music to
      travel not only in space, across national and cultural borders, but
      across forms and genres?
   n How has Bollywood music been re-located to enunciate marginality in
      metropolitan space?
   n What are the distinguishing features of Bollywood music's travels in
      the North, its travels in the South, and its travels in the Indian
      diaspora? What is its salience in these different sites?
   n What are the history and politics of this travel?

We seek, in particular, interdiscplinary perspectives.

   Please address abstract and enquiries to one or both of the the

   Sujata Moorti
   Associate Professor of English
   Old Dominion University

   Sangita Gopal
   Assistant Professor of English
   Old Dominion University

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