CFP: Retro-Futures (11/15/03; journal issue)

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Davin Heckman


"RETRO-FUTURES" (Spring 2004)

A special issue on historic utopias, nostalgic speculations, =
neo-traditions, modern primitives, archaic science fictions, =
being/becoming, new urbanism, invented traditions, primitivism, =
futurism, retro fashion, futurology, back to basics, neo-paganism, =
origin/destiny, simplicity, the classics, the space age, and any other =
combination of the old and the new is under construction at =
<>. Testing the boundaries of cutting-edge and the =
timeless, the newfangled and the obsolete, "Retro-Futures" will peer =
into the culture and politics of temporality and everyday life.

Send email attachment, html/web pages to and = or see our contact page:

Abstracts by November 15th, 2003. Papers by January 15th, 2004

We at Rhizomes oppose the idea that knowledge must grow in a tree =
structure from previously accepted ideas. New thinking need not follow =
established patterns.

Rhizomes promotes experimental work located outside current disciplines, =
work that has no proper location. As our name suggests, works written in =
the spirit of Deleuzian approaches are welcomed but not required.

We are not interested in publishing texts that establish their authority =
merely by affirming what is already believed. Instead, we encourage =
migrations into new conceptual territories resulting from unpredictable =

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