CFP: Collaboration, Literature & Composition (6/9/03; collection)

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Frank Gaughan

Collaboration, Literature & Composition (Collection;

We are seeking abstracts for an upcoming anthology
that explores theoretical collaborations of literature
and composition. In a meeting of form and function,
abstracts (and ensuing essays) must be collaboratively
written. We are open to all subjects; periods;
genres; critical, rhetorical, or pedagogical
perspectives; (etc.) as long as they join literature
and composition in discussion.

We are not pursuing the question of 'to teach or not
to teach literature in composition classes?', which
Jane Peterson sufficiently resolved in 1995 by
refocusing the (Lindemann/Tate) debate on
communication instead of genre. Rather, we seek
creative and useful ideas for using literature to
theorize about composition or vice versa, or for
complicating the constructs of this project itself.
At the same time, we would like you to think about
what is meaningful, effective, challenging, promising,
(etc.) to you about collaboration.

Accepted submissions will be will be developed into
full-length essays (25-30 pages). While we require
theoretically grounded, researched, and well-reasoned
pieces, we enjoy, above all else, good writing. Take
advantage of the strengths of collaboration. We
encourage epistolary forms, dialogues, collage,
narrative (personal and fictional). You are limited
only by your imaginative potential.

Please send your abstract of 300-500 words by 9 June
2003 to:

Peter Khost and Frank Gaughan at

We are also happy to answer any questions e-mailed to
us before the deadline.

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