CFP: Critical Matrix: Disciplines and Disciplinarity (7/1/03; journal issue)

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David M. Ball
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Volume 14, Special Issue: Disciplines and Disciplinarity

Critical Matrix: The Princeton Journal of Women, Gender and Culture, is
seeking original submissions for an issue dedicated to the problems and
potential of disciplines and disciplinarity in the humanities. Within
and between departments of study, it has become increasingly difficult
to specify respective objects of investigation, critical methodologies,
and most importantly, the intellectual stakes and precise nature of the
work being done. English, French, German, rhetoric, and architecture-to
name just a few-have begun to stand in as loose designators of cultural,
geopolitical, ethical, or theoretical orientations.

Which aspects of disciplinarity are valuable and need to be maintained?
Which are unnecessarily rigid? Is the proliferation of "new"
disciplines, for example gender studies and ethnic studies, a positive
step toward producing innovative scholarship or a regression into
academic isolationism? Are scholars who write within traditional
disciplinary boundaries running the risk of irrelevance? What roles can
or should the humanities play in the face of advancing globalization?
What will the landscape of the humanities look like if disciplinary
boundaries continue to erode?

Possible topics of investigation include:

+ gender in the disciplines

+ gender as discipline

+ "new" disciplines

+ shifting boundaries between the disciplines

+ how disciplines intersect with one another

+ how disciplines undermine one another

+ working between disciplines

+ transgressing disciplines

+ disciplines and the profession

+ the politics of disciplines

+ the ethics of disciplines

Submissions, 15-35 pages in length and according to the Chicago Manual
of Style, are due by July 1, 2003. Information for individuals
interested in submitting can be found at:

William McManus and David Ball, editors


William McManus and David Ball, editors
Program in the Study of Women and Gender
Princeton University
113 Dickinson
Princeton, NJ 08544

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