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Staszak-Silva, Suzanne (GPG)
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Dear Scholars:

As a literary studies editor at Greenwood Publishing Group/Praeger
Publishers, I am considering the possibility of putting together an edited
collection of criticism of the entire oeuvre of Philip Roth's works--perhaps
a chapter on each work. I am looking for a volume editor to pull such a
book together, and would like to invite book proposals for such a project.
I've included our submission guidelines below.

One thing to keep in mind in preparing a proposal, and in working with
contributors, is that our audiences consist of GENERAL readers, primarily,
and so chapters would have to be written at a level that high school
students and beyond can understand and appreciate. Essays would have to
follow the same format, provided by the volume editor, and would be absent
of jargon and theoretical terminology; they would be accessible to anyone
wanting to learn more about Philip Roth.

If you are interested, please send all the items on the list below to my
attention. If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email me.

Best Wishes,
Suzanne I. Staszak-Silva
Senior Editor
Greenwood Publishing Group
88 Post Road West
Westport, CT 06881

Submission Guidelines:

If you have a book idea that you would like Praeger Publishers to consider,
please include the following information:

1. A detailed description of the subject, scope, coverage, and intended
audience, along with a working table of contents.
2. A copy of the curriculum vitae/resume for yourself and for any
3. A description of any competing books, and an explanation of how yours
would differ.
4. An estimate of the length of the final manuscript in words, preferably,
or in double-spaced manuscript pages.
5. An indication of how many photos, tables, or figures, if any, you expect
to include.
6. An indication of when you expect to be able to submit a final
7. A double-spaced sample chapter or two or some other writing sample.

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