CFP: Informing Power: Current International Affairs (10/1/03; journal issue)

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colin wright
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Dear academics/ writers/ thinkers/ journalists/ polemicists,

Please see below the latest call for papers for Situation Analysis, an =
exciting new journal which provides a forum for the interface between =
critical thought and international current affairs. We encourage an =
examination, interrogation, and experimentation with the relation =
between theory and world events, soliciting passionate responses to the =
most urgent themes of our time.

Informing Power=
Deadline for submission: 10th October 2003=

For our third issue, entitled 'Informing Power', we welcome articles, =
reviews, and commentaries that explore the ways in which the nexus =
between information (such as military intelligence, confidential data , =
archives, statistics, legal testimony, media news etc.) and power (as =
relations of domination and the exercise of force) has been shaping, not =
only the coverage, but also the outcome, of recent international current =
affairs (such as the military action against Iraq).

With an increasing tendency for politics to be conducted through a =
series of press conferences and media presentations, and less behind =
closed-doors, we are particularly interested in power defined as a =
capacity to control the ebb and flow of information, and in alternative =
sources of unofficial or subversive information. Who decides what counts =
as misinformation? What can we do to inform ourselves?

Contributions might examine some of the following themes: Technology and =
access / Surveillance and Visibility / Iraq and the UN Inspectors / =
Legitimation and misinformation / Al-Jazeera and the voice of the Arab =
world / Journalism and Truth / 'Smart Bombs' and the spectacle of war / =
The Internet and democracy.

For more detailed information about submission requirements, please feel =
free to contact the editors (, or =
consult our website at where you will also =
find previous issues of the journal.

Other upcoming issues include:

Creative Activisms (deadline 20th January, 2004) - Activism has gained =
renewed urgency in the wake of recent events, but what challenges and =
pitfalls do activists face and pose, and what can emacipatory politics =
mean today?

Thinking Aloud: The Role of the Intellectual Today (deadline 15th March =
2004) - Writers, critics, activists, philosophers, celebrities, =
journalists, politicians, dramatists, soothsayers and priests ... Who =
are the intellectuals of our times, and what do they do?

All submissions welcome!

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