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Roth, Laurence
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Modern Language Studies, the journal of the Northeast Modern Language
Association, has transferred operations to Susquehanna University where the
Departments of English, Modern Languages, and Art will collaborate on its
editing and redesign. Articles and reviews in MLS have always reflected the
eclectic interests and the strong research profiles of NEMLA members, and
one of our primary goals in redesigning the journal is to expand the format
so that it provides a broad range of publishing opportunities. We are
therefore adding, and seeking submissions for two new sections to the

-A section for essays on pedagogy and the profession of 3000 to 6000 words
in length. Essays in this section may address pedagogical theory, practical
teaching strategies, faculty/student collaboration, curriculum development,
information technology, small college/research university dynamics,
interdisciplinarity, institutional politics, graduate and faculty
unionization, part-time faculty, tenure and promotion, the legal
reverberations of affirmative action, and other related topics. Creative
non-fiction that explores and dramatizes similar terrain, and that observes
and articulates what is at stake in these issues for people and communities,
is also welcome.

-A section for short reviews of significant, intriguing, or unusual primary
source materials. These reviews will assess and underscore those materials'
importance either for various research profiles or for curricula and
classroom syllabi. Of particular interest for this section are short reviews
of scholarly editions, hypertext/internet literatures, visual culture,
popular culture, and, of course, novels, short stories, poetry, plays,
films, and creative non-fiction. The rationale behind this section is that
almost every journal reviews the secondary source materials and scholarly
discourses in a multitude of disciplines and fields, but there are currently
very few journals that help their subscribers keep abreast of primary source
materials that may be of particular interest to various researchers and
teachers. We believe that there is a need for a review section such as this,
and we invite contributors to share their brief critical evaluations with
MLS subscribers.

NEMLA membership is not required to submit to MLS; however, membership is
required for publication.All manuscripts submitted should use MLA style for
citations and notes, with notes placed at the end of the text. MLS requires
two copies of each submission, which should be sent to:

               Modern Language Studies
               Susquehanna University
               Box 1861
               514 University Avenue
               Selinsgrove, PA 17870

Please include an e-mail address for acknowledgement; if you have no e-mail
address a SASE should be included for acknowledgment. If you wish the essays
returned to you, include a SASE with appropriate postage. Manuscripts
submitted as Microsoft Word e-mail attachments will be accepted and should
be accompanied by a cover message that includes the author's relevant
affiliations and a U.S. or international postal address. Please address all
e-mail submissions and correspondence to

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