CFP: YCGL: Medieval and Early Modern Comparative Literature (11/30/03; journal issue)

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Laurel Amtower
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At the most recent meeting of the American Comparative Literature =
Association in San Marcos, the outgoing president lamented the fact that =
almost 90% of comparative literature sessions in recent years have been =
devoted to relatively modern texts and issues. What has happened to pre- =
and early modern topics in comparative literature?=20

_The Yearbook of Comparative and General Literature_ invites papers that =
explore or suggest different ways of approaching comparative topics in =
pre-18th century literature, for a special issue to be published in =
summer 2004. What does it mean to be a transcontinental writer in the =
pre- and early modern world? How are perspectives shaped by =
multinational languages and perspectives? What kinds of exchanges take =
place between north and south, east and west, and what is their effect =
on the literature of the time? Are comparative approaches viable in a =
discipline that increasingly rewards attention to very specific =
nationalisms and contexts? Papers on any subject relevant to the =
discussion are welcome, including theoretical or historical =
perspectives, case studies, surveys of the profession, review essays on =
recent relevant works, and the like. Please send inquiries, proposals, =
or completed essays to Laurel Amtower ( and =
Heather Hayton ( Essays must be completed by November =

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