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Camille Tallon
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Call for Papers: pacific REVIEW, a West Coast Arts Review

submission deadline: 12/05/03

From: Camille Tèrese Tallon (

The 2004 edition of pacific REVIEW focuses on the ideas of
DECAY and DECADENCE. The Decadence movement of the late
nineteenth-century began in France, moved to England, and
drew its energy from the refined beauty of art while subtly
revealing the underlying decay of society. Decadent
qualities included high art, bizarre subject matter,
stepping away from nature, and a preference for the
sophisticated over the simple, the aesthetic over the
natural. A continuation of the Decadence movement can be
found in the deliberate rearrangement of conventional
artistic works by the Beat generation and the
countercultures that have followed.

Our goal in this issue is to find inspiration through the
Decadence movement. We are seeking contributions that will
further explore the themes of Decadence and Decay as a
compass to a wider field of implication and reinvention.

We welcome short stories, academic essay and review,
 poetry, art, photography (b/w),graphic narrative
(comics), and one-act scripts for our 2004 issue.
The following are a few ideas and topics you
may want to consider:

• The beauty and necessity of excess and decay, or
why excess and decay is necessary for creative beginnings.
• What lingers and clings in the afterwards: fossils,
artifacts, scars, memories, bridges burned, new directions.
• Explore any aspect of decadence and decay in
personality, consciousness, invention, communication,
nature, politics, religion, and physical/mental health.
• A focus on ruin: What do we learn from what has
destroyed or deteriorated, be it the ancient pyramids or a
modern day love affair.
• How does substitution/replacement occur? What comes
next? Are there drives and desires for decadence/decay?
Does one follow the other?
• Other possible topics to submit: drugs, deviancy,
breaking laws, breaking stereotypes, indulgence, disease,
new sensations, memory, nightmares/dreams, inclinations,
scars, morbid fantasies, fascinations, hidden experiences,
life interruptions, déjà vu, unexpected symbols, and
encountered temptations.
Your prose, art, graphic narrative, essay, poetry,
photography, one-act scripts could touch upon
the above, but we wish to stress that these are only
suggestions. We welcome you as a contributor to submit
any work that falls within the
decadence/decay theme.

For complete submission guidelines, visit our website at

pacific REVIEW showcases the work of emergent literati,
pairing their work with that of established artists and
scholars. Past issues boast the literary talents of Ernesto
Cardenal, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Ai, Caroline Forchè,
Marilyn Nelson, Steve Kowit, Susan Daitch, raúlrsalinas,
Claribel Alegria, William Vollman, Raymond Federman, and
Jorge Luis Borges, to name a few. To read excerpts from
issues past or present or for further information regarding
submission or subscription to pacific REVIEW, please visit
our website at

Address enquiries to:

Camille Tèrese Tallon
Editor-in-Chief, pacific REVIEW

San Diego State University
Department of English & Comparative Literature
5500 Campanile Drive (MC 8140)
San Diego, CA 92182-8140

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