CFP: Rewriting the History of the Americas (7/30/03; collection)

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The Research Group Cultural and Literary Studies of the Americas invites
original essays for the publication of a volume dedicated to the
rewritings of the history of the Americas (including North America,
Central America, the Caribbean, and South America).

Recent ideas about the nature and purpose of history are blurring the line
that has traditionally divided fact from fiction. Other ways of
understanding history have transformed it into story, which has
contributed to a whole production of rewritings of canonical history into
fictional stories. Highly biased by economic and political issues of
national interests, traditional writings of history have produced patterns
of discourse in which personal experiences of the past cannot fit. New
rewritings of history now offer different perspectives of the past and
contribute to finding other ways of dealing with its consequences both in
the personal and communal level. However, different perspectives are often
perceived as distortions of more generally accepted writings of
history—distortions that are becoming the pattern of a new canon. This
book will be committed to exploring such rewritings of the history of the

Submissions may focus on the main subtopics below:

-Gender biased rewritings of the history of the Americas.

-Racial and ethnic rewritings of the history of the Americas.

-Rewriting the borders of the Americas.

-Media rewriting of the history of the Americas.

-Rewriting myths and religions of the Americas.

Send 500-word abstracts by e-mail to the volume editors by July 30, 2003
together with a short vitae (maximum of 300 words). The working languages
will be English, French and Spanish.

Finished versions of essays should be sent by January 12, 2004.


Fax: (+34) 959 019143

Phone: (+34) 959 019140

Laura P. Alonso Gallo

Dept. de Filología Inglesa

Facultad de Humanidades

Universidad de Huelva

Avda. Fuerzas Armadas s/n

21071 Huelva



Essays should be 20-25 pages in length (including notes and the list of works cited) and should be written in Spanish, English or French. However, the editors will reserve the right to determine the language(s) for publication. Therefore, essays submitted in Spanish or French may be required to be translated into English by the author(s).

Manuscripts should be prepared in accordance with the following guidelines.


The first page should contain the following information in bold type, Times New Roman:

1.-Title of the essay (16-point, italics). -Two blank lines (16-point) should be inserted between the title of the essay and the name of the author(s).

2.-Full name of the author(s) (14-point).

The name of the author(s) should be followed by eight blank lines (12-point).


-Paper size: A4 (210x297cm./8.27x11.69")

-All margins should be of 2.54 cm/1.25."

-Contributions should follow the Word format for Windows 6.0, ME, or XP.

-Submitted manuscripts should be, fully justified, double spaced, and typed in Times New Roman typeface (12-point for main text, quotations and bibliographical references; 10-point for footnotes, and superscript numbers).

-Footnotes (not endnotes) should only be explanatory (references should be provided only in the main text). Notes should be marked throughout the text with consecutive superscript Arabic numbers. Superscript numbers within the text should follow punctuation marks, interrogation or exclamation marks.

-All pages, except for the first, should be numbered at the middle bottom of the page in Arabic numbers, type Times New Roman, 12-point.

-Words in a language other than the one chosen for the essay should be in italics. Italics should also be used to emphasize some key words.

-Paragraphs should not be separated by a blank line (a 0.06 indentation in the first line of each paragraph).

-For the use of quotations and bibliographical references, follow the MLA style guidelines (6th edition).

-Please consider the following page format:

Rewriting American History

Laura P. Alonso Gallo

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