CFP: The Cultures of New World Order: Writing, Theory, Reading since 1991 (10/15/03; collection)

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Pablo Mukherjee

        The editors of a proposed volume of collected essays titled 'The
Cultures of New World Order: Writing, Reading, Theory since 1991'invite
submissions of abstracts for essays between 6-8,000 words. The
abstracts themselves need not be more than 500 words.
        The volume of literature on globalisation has reached near
epidemic proportions, the analysis of one of its key elements - what the
U.S. president George Bush snr. called a 'new world order' in his 1991
State of Union Address - is also gathering pace. These critical efforts
have received a fresh boost by events such as Al-Quaida's September 11
attacks on New York, and the subsequent US-led invasions of Afghanistan
and Iraq. While the material and socio-political components of this
world order is being extensively analysed, the editors feel that the
post-1991 global condition has also generated a complex cultural
response. The proposed volume will invite scholars and creative writers
to address a range of issues such as:
(a) How are the concepts of an unipolar world and ideological claims of
a 'new world order' constructed through contemporary literary and other
cultural productions?
 (b)Are their sites within the field of cultural production from where
challenges to this order may be mounted?
(c)How do the cultures of 'new' and 'older' world orders compare and
influence each other?
(d) What does it mean to read and write global English within the 'new'
world order?
        The volume will be divided into a 'critical/theoretical' and
'creative' sections. The editors envisage each section containing no
more than 6 essays each. The 'critical/theoretical' section will
contain analysis of contemporary works, authors, theoretical approaches
within the context of 'new world order'. The 'creative' section will
contain essays by practicing authors reflecting on what it means to be
engaged in creative cultural labour in the 'new world order'. The
editors envisage a fruitful dialogue between the two sections of the
        The abstracts must be submitted as electronic mail attachments
(preferred) or hard copies to:
 Dr Pablo Mukherjee, Percy Building, School of English, University of
Newcastle; Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom, NE1 7RU;

The deadline for the submission of abstracts is October 15, 2003.

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