UPDATE: Comparative Literature and Global Studies (12/31/04; journal issue)

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Balassopoulos Antonis
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Gramma (Journal) CFP Update


Journal of Theory and Criticism

Issue Number 13, 2005


Comparative Literature and Global Studies: Histories and Trajectories

 The host of recent publications and debates on global literary studies
seems to augur that comparative literature is in the process of rethinking
the horizon of its engagements. Whether in an attempt to revitalize the
ethical legacy of a certain kind of secular universalism, or in an effort to
respond to the challenges of "cognitive mapping" in the era of
globalization, the discipline seems intent on (re)imagining broader vistas
than those of an increasingly provincialized European literary tradition.
That this is occurring at a time when both reading audiences and
multilingual literary markets seem to be on the wane reinforces the need for
critical reflection on the character of the present conjuncture. This issue
of Gramma aims to provide a forum for debate on the usable pasts and the
emerging futures of a "worlded" comparative literature, as well as an
opportunity to map both the pathways it has opened and the ones it has
foreclosed or left unexplored.

 Indicative topics for submissions include :

 -"World literature" as ethical ideal, as methodological challenge, as
foundation for emergent forms of knowledge.

- Literary production, circulation, translation, and reception across/
beyond national boundaries.

- Intersecting or competing formulations of literary history and theory from
a global perspective: cosmopolitanism, diaspora and exile, post-coloniality,
world-system theory.

- Global literary comparatism in historical perspective: paradigms,
mutations, displacements, reinflections.

- Transnational literary geographies : continent and subcontinent,
hemisphere, ocean, archipelago.

- Conceptual horizons and theoretical tensions: global and local, core and
periphery, system and fragment, structure and play, close and distant

 Papers should not exceed the length of 5000 words (including footnotes and
bibliography). They should follow the MLA Handbook (fifth edition). Papers
should be submitted in double-spaced format (two hard copies and a disk) to
the editors of the issue at the following addresses:

Antonis Balasopoulos
Stephanos Stephanides

Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures
University of Cyprus
P.O Box 205371678, Nicosia,
E-mail: balaso_at_ucy.ac.cy

Yiorgos Kalogeras

School of English
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
54 124 Thessaloniki
E-mail: kalogera_at_enl.auth.gr

Deadline for submissions: 31 December 2004

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