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Roland Kermarec

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OBJET : CFP: Analyses and Reviews of American Director David Lynch's
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Before I specifically detail the content of this Call For Papers, let me =
first introduce myself to the people who have never heard of Lynchland. =
I am a 30 years old french writer in a film website named = . In this website, I created a special heading =
about David Lynch, named Roland in Lynchland, at the end of 2000. In =
these articles, I talked in depth about David Lynch's works and news =
(the death of Richard Farnsworth, the "homage" in Cecil B. DeMented, =
David and the DV, the Lynch Cow, Mulholland Drive, his website, etc.) =
with my personal point of view. The articles are some analysis and also =
some personal memories of what I've experienced. In fact, when I was at =
the University, I wrote a thesis about Eraserhead and another one about =
The Elephant Man. That took place at the end of 1995. These thesis came =
into David Lynch's hands, and he decided to invite me on the set of Lost =
Highway during the whole shooting in order to write my PhDoctorate.

When I came back, I started to work for, and =
after a while, we decided to create a website dedicated to David Lynch's =
works : . Lynchland has launched recently : as =
you will probably notice, most of the articles for the moment are in =
french, but there are already a few in english and I hope there will be =
more and more in the future (the english texts can be spot by the little =
english flags present next to them on the homepage) I will be the =
coordinating person of Lynchland, but not anymore the only writer in it, =
as I was at the beginning. Other contributors are invited to join the =
Lynchland team (as a few DL.COM Members and a few critics have already =
done so far).=20

Lynchland will continue to publish some essays but will also interview =
some actors or technicians from Lynch's films. Some photo galleries and =
some video sections will open in a little while as well, etc. So, if you =
are interested in writing about David Lynch's works, please contact me =
at You can of course write an in-depth =
review of one of his films, but also writing about his current work on =
his website (, on his paintings, his music, his =
photographies, etc. etc. Every angle that can shed a new and original =
light on his artistic and aesthetic universe is interesting to explore, =
and I would be open to every suggestion.

Best Regards

Roland Kermarec
Website Editor and Coordinator
Objectif Cin=E9ma et Lynchland sont des marques depos=E9es =E0 l'INPI

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