CFP: Protecting Adjuncts in Composition (9/17/03; e-journal issue)

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Nels P. Highberg
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Lore: An E-journal for Teachers of Writing
<> is seeking submission for its next
issue set to appear December 1, 2003. While the "Being Adjuncts" section
has traditionally focused on highlighting the voices of adjuncts
themselves, this upcoming issue will center on the perspectives of
administrators who supervise the teaching and professionalism of adjuncts
in composition. Institutional contexts often support the exploitation of
adjunct labor, and administrators who work directly with adjuncts often try
to protect adjuncts in various ways. However, what specifically are the
best ways to protect adjunct instructors. Do we create opportunities for
professional development (e.g. workshops and symposia) that keep adjuncts
abreast of the most recent pedagogical trends or does that impede too much
on their precious time? Do we offer them every possible section to teach
so they can make the most money or do we hold back so as not to overtax
them? Do we offer more sections to a smaller pool of adjuncts or spread
the teaching opportunities? Do we invite (or require) adjuncts to join
committees and have a voice or is that another way to infringe on their time?

We invite those who supervise or work with adjuncts to write a short piece
(500 to 1000 words) that describes the explicit and concrete ways they try
to create spaces where adjuncts can both teach and live well. In the
following issue, we intend to invite adjuncts to respond themselves,
describing what strategies they believe are the most and least
effective. Email responses to Dr. Nels P. Highberg (email below), Staff
Editor of Lore, by Wednesday, September 17. He will also be glad to
respond to any questions before the deadline.

The editors of Lore hope that these responses extend the necessary dialogue
that needs to continue about the role that adjuncts play in the teaching of
composition. Please consider participating in this exchange.

Dr. Nels P. Highberg, Assistant Professor
Department of Rhetoric, Language, and Culture
The University of Hartford
200 West Bloomfield Avenue
West Hartford, Connecticut 06117


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