CFP: 20th C. American Nature Poets (no deadline noted; collection)

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Thompson, Roger
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We are seeking contributors for a new volume of the Dictionary of Literary
Biography on Twentieth-century American Nature Poets. It is the second part
of a series of three (possibly four) volumes on American Nature Writers, the
first of which is now out. Many of our entries have already been assigned,
but the ones listed below still require writers. Most of the remaining
selections are short entries, and all contributors are paid for each entry,
the amount depending on the size of the piece. If you would be interested
in contributing one or more entries to the DLB, please email either J. Scott
Bryson at <> or Roger Thompson
Bruchac, Joseph
Collins, Martha
Collum, Jack
Engels, John
Enslin, Theodore
Frost, Carol
Funkhouser, Erica
Gander, Forrest
Gilfillan, Merrill
Grenier, Robert
Haskins, Lola
Hobson, Geary
Huntington, Cynthia
Merrill, Christopher
Miller, Jane
Nathan, Leonard
Oles, Carol
Sanchez, Carol Lee
Schelling, Andrew
Sze, Arthur
Scott Bryson <>
Roger Thompson

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