CFP: Dalit Feminism (11/15/2003; journal issue and anthology)

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Meena Kandasamy
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CFP: Dalit Feminism

Addressing dalit women at the Mahad Satyagraha Parishad in 1928, Babasaheb Ambedkar put forth the point-blank question, “Why is birth from your womb considered a sin?” In doing so, he traced the caste system to where it all began, how it all started. The dalits, a people born of the womb, and not of a non-existent Brahma, have been stigmatized and subjugated for ages. Today, sexual violence by the oppressor castes on the dalit women has ensured that the womb continues to be a theater of war. And, as victims of triple injustices and dual patriarchies, dalit women are today crusading against the invasion of their inner spaces, against the imposition of unwelcome identities, against subordination – and it is this inspiring movement of dalit feminism that we seek to analyze and represent in our forthcoming anthology., an online journal of sociology and the official publication of the Sammaditthi Social Science Research Institute, plans to bring out a special issue on Dalit Feminism in January 2004. We invite scholarly articles not exceeding 5000 words pertaining to the theme of Dalit Feminism. Some of the suggested topics specifically related to our theme include: feminism and caste in the Indian milieu; dalit women icons; autobiographies of dalit women writers and the feminist consciousness amongst them; dalit feminist activist groups: their organizational ventures; analysis of pratiloma and anuloma, and transgressions of endogamy; recognition of heterogeneity in Indian women; the concept of ‘body’ being central to the dalit-feminist movement; contesting the status-quo in power relationships; political ramifications of the dalit-feminist movement; construction of a framework and ideology of dalit feminism.

The articles selected for this issue of the journal, shall also be simultaneously published as an anthology by a reputed publishing house. While it is our primary interest to publish new submissions, we are also open to the idea of chronicling previously published work. In order to enable publication in the New Year issue of our online journal SAMMADITTHI we request interested contributors to mail us their articles by December 01, 2003.

We also welcome contributions of interviews, manifestoes, poetry, short stories, novel excerpts, artwork or genre-defying documentations of experience related to this theme.

Looking forward to your participation in this fusion of academics and activism.

In solidarity,

Meena Kandasamy and Virendra Ghogare

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