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Jen Harvie


Contemporary Theatre Review: Theatre and Globalization We are inviting
submission proposals for a special issue of Contemporary Theatre Review
(February 2005) on 'Theatre and Globalization'.

Globalization is transforming our world: compressing time and space,
challenging the power of the nation-state, juxtaposing and erasing
cultural differences, replacing geographical boundaries with the
weightless flows of global capital, giving new life to ancient forms of
cultural rivalry, bringing all areas of personal, social, and cultural
life within its awesome reach.

But what role is the theatre playing in this? Is theatre fundamentally too
'local' to play any part in the 'global'? Is this a source of strength?
Or, conversely, is the theatre always already profoundly global in scope,
even - to use an older vocabulary - universal in its ambitions? How is
globalization affecting theatre, and how might theatre respond to,
influence, even intervene in globalization?

The issue will be organized in two parts. Part I will include articles of
approximately 6000 words. All article proposals will be seriously
considered, and we are especially keen to receive proposals on:

=A7 globalization's effects on theatrical aesthetics, languages,
forms, and practices

=A7 theatre economics, markets and audiences under globalization

=A7 international festivals/touring and globalization

=A7 the theatricality of the anti-globalization movement

=A7 the theatricality of global terrorism

=A7 globalization, theatre and cultural identities

=A7 theatre's resistance to globalization

=A7 globalization and theatrical space

=A7 globalization and 'liveness'

=A7 theoretical analyses of the relationships between globalization
and theatre.

Part II will be a symposium of practitioners' and academics' responses to
the question, 'How can theatre respond to globalization?' Contributions to
this section will be between 500 and 1500 words. If you are interested in
contributing to the symposium, please email the issue editors for a more
detailed briefing statement.=20

Article proposals (of 300-500 words) and symposium proposals (of 100-300
words) must reach the issue editors by Friday 31 October 2003. Please
reply off-list to or
Contributors whose proposals have been accepted will be informed in early
November 2003. Articles and symposium contributions will need to be
submitted by 30 April 2004.

Contemporary Theatre Review is an internationally-recognised,
fully-refereed journal published by Routledge. It aims to analyse what is
most passionate and vital in theatre today. We particularly welcome
proposals and submissions that will make good use of images to accompany
the text.

Dan Rebellato (Royal Holloway, University of London)

Jen Harvie (University of Surrey Roehampton)

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