CFP: Defining the Americas: Media Within/Across Borders (1/16/04; journal issue)

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Afsheen J. Nomai
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Defining the Americas: Media Within/Across Borders

The history of the American continents has long been one of establishing and
crossing borders. From pre-colonial times to the present, people and
cultures define and redefine themselves and their borders, especially in
response to perceived conquest opportunities or threats. As cultural
discourse, media interrogates the construction of identity within and beyond
national or other boundaries.

Issue #55 of the Velvet Light Trap will explore media as it relates to and
is a product of citizenship in the Americas. In contemporary discourse,
"American" film and the "American" experience are often conceptually limited
to Hollywood and the United States. While the editors are open to this
conceptualization of the Americas for inclusion in this issue, we are
particularly interested in articles that highlight film and television
throughout the far northern, central and southern regions of the Americas.
The editors are also seeking submissions that address the impact of
post-crisis nationalism on the cultural industry's film and video
production. Submissions from a variety of analytical approaches are
strongly encouraged, including reception, political economy, textual
analysis, discourse theory, historiography, feminism, queer theory, critical
race theory, psychoanalysis and any other methods in cultural studies.

Possible topics for this issue include, but are not limited to:
* Impacts and representations of nationalism or provincialism in film and
* NAFTA/FTAA and other globalization efforts impact on identity
formation/representation and production
* Crisis and national identity formation/representation in film and
* Regional cinema or television
* Minority and women's involvement in all levels of production
* Identity within or across regional/national borders
* Analysis of mainstream and independent depictions of culture
* Reactionary or propagandist film/TV
* The "local" or the "other" as subject matter and/or target audience
* Media and its relationship to the State
* Regional generic conventions
* Innovation, experimentation, and imitation in form and narrative
* American cultural practices as they intersect with each other, including
African American, Asian American, Jewish diaspora, Latino/a, American Indian
and other Indigenous cultural practices ("American" referring to the
* The works and issues involved in the Caribbean and other islands of the
American Hemisphere
* Hybridization or notions of racial purity
* Redefinitions of social institutions
* Dominant, counter-cultural or subcultural social movements in film/TV
* National/international media law
* New media and culture, including the Digital Divide

To be considered for publication papers should include a 100-200 word
abstract, be between 15 and 25 pages, double-spaced, in MLA style, with the
author's name and contact information included only on the title page.
Queries regarding potential submissions also are welcome. Authors are
responsible for acquiring related visual images and the associated
copyrights. For more information or to submit a query, please contact
Afsheen Nomai at All submissions are due January
16, 2004. Submit five copies of the paper to:

The Velvet Light Trap
C/o The Department of Radio-Television-Film
University of Texas at Austin
CMA 6.118, Mail Code A0800
Austin, TX, 78712

The Velvet Light Trap is an academic, refereed journal of film and
television studies published semi-annually by University of Texas Press.
Issues are coordinated alternately by graduate students at the University of
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articles are anonymously refereed by specialist readers of the journal's
Editorial Advisory Board, which includes such notable scholars as Donald
Crafton, Michael Curtin, Alexander Doty, Cynthia Fuchs, Herman Gray, Heather
Hendershot, Barbara Klinger, Walter Metz, Charles Musser, Chon Noriega, Lynn
Spigel, and Chris Straayer.

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