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For Fall 2004, _divide_, the University of Colorado's Journal of Writing =
and Ideas, will publish an issue titled "Pax Americana."=20

Description: Although not officially an "empire," America often behaves =
as one; this fact has been laid bare by our recent actions in the Middle =
East and Central Asia in response to terrorist actions against us. =
However, our country exerts its extraordinary influence not merely =
through military and economic might, but through our culture. Hollywood =
special-effects drama, free-market economics, media proliferation, and =
packaged youth rebellion have all--either separately or in a single, =
congealed mass--touched the lives of all but a few of our planet's =

The world has reacted in a variety of ways to America's cultural empire. =
France has created minimum quotas for French-language films in its =
theaters, hoping to halt a complete Hollywood takeover. Protesters in =
countries across the globe now carry banners in English, hoping for a =
slice of American television airtime. Children in formerly Communist =
Europe start English lessons in kindergarten. Most immediately, people =
from all quarters of the globe continue to flock to America seeking all =
the political freedom and economic opportunity that the longest-lasting =
and most successful democracy in history can offer. And yet: terrorists =
bomb our national symbols, and American tourists in Central Asia are =
pelted with stones.

Meanwhile, we as Americans have reacted variously to those beyond our =
borders, from panicked isolationism to a sudden political interest in =
countries (Pakistan, the Philippines, etc.) that had otherwise long =
failed to pique our curiosity. Political and intellectual responses, =
though, form only part of our relationship to the world, for the =
experience of cultural interaction is essentially a lived one. In this =
spirit, _divide_ will explore the myriad ways in which the cultural life =
of America intersects with the world beyond our borders, examining the =
relentless push-and-pull affecting why and how the concept of =
Americanism continues to evolve.

* * * * * * *

Procedure: Our editorial staff will consider materials for the _Pax =
Americana_ issue between October 1, 2003 and March 1, 2004. Critical and =
personal essays, conversations, reviews, fiction and poetry, and =
black-and-white art are welcome. Note that we prefer pieces under 3000 =
words in length.=20

Send work to the following address:

d i v i d e

ATTN: Pax Americana

Program for Writing & Rhetoric

University of Colorado at Boulder, UCB 317

Boulder, CO 80309-0317

Please indicate genre or medium on your mailing envelope, and include a =
self-addressed, stamped envelope with sufficient postage for return of =
your materials. Note that we do not accept electronic submissions.

And last, some web contacts: Visit our website at = for further information. =
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