CFP: The Holocaust as Screen Memory (1/15/04; collection)

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Weissman, Gary
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Proposals/contributions are invited for a collection of original essays
exploring the claim that the Holocaust has served as a screen memory for
other histories, anxieties, and concerns. For example, some scholars in the
United States have suggested that the Holocaust may serve as a screen memory
for events "closer to home" than the Nazi genocide of the European
Jews-particularly the genocide of Native Americans and the perpetration of
American slavery and segregation. Others have identified the Holocaust as a
symbol for vanishing American Jewish identity and community. Still others
link interest in the Holocaust to fears concerning the disappearance of
historical memory, the dominance of visual media over reality, and moral
desensitization. We welcome contributions that take up such issues by
analyzing specific representations and collective memories in both American
and non-American contexts. We aim not to produce another book on the
"uniqueness" of the Holocaust, but rather to explore the intersection of
different historical memories with questions of representation and
collective identity. Send proposals of 500-1000 words by Jan.15, 2004 to
Michael Rothberg ( and Gary Weissman (

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