UPDATE: Philament: Blue Edition (grad) (10/24/03; e-journal issue)

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Philament, an online peer-reviewed journal of postgraduate scholarship in
the fields of cultural studies and the literary arts, has extended the
submissions deadline for its second edition, to be themed 'blue,' until the
24th of October, 2003.

Included below are dictionary and textual possibilities for how 'blue' might
be incorporated into a creative or academic piece. These lists are by no
means exhaustive.

blue. n, v, adj.
-        constant/unchanging. Hence, true blue
-        low-spirited, melancholy
-        intoxicated (Slang)
-        of women: learned, pedantic. (blue-stocking - usually contemptuous.)
-        suggestive of sexual impropriety; “a blue movie”; “blue jokes”; “spicy
-        belonging to or characteristic of nobility or aristocracy; “a blue
family”; “blue blood”;
-        morally rigorous and strict; “blue laws”; “puritanical”; etc.
-        computer language (Softech)

Idioms: blue in the face; blue devil; boys in blue; into the blue; out of
the blue; something borrowed, something blue; till all is blue; to be beaten
black and blue; to have a blue (a fight); to have a blue look-out; to look
blue; to scream blue murder; to talk a blue streak, etc.

Other suggestions: Bluey (red-head), blue apron; blue baby; blue-beard;
blue-book; blue collar; blue dahlia; blue flame; blue language; Blue Light
Disco; Blue Light Special; Blue Monday; blue moon; Blue Nun; blue print;
blue ribbon; blue ruin; blue veins; blue vitriol.

Art: Blue Poles (Jackson Pollock); Picasso’s “blue period” (1901 – 1904)
Literature: The Blue Day Book (Bradley
Trevor Greive); Little Boy Blue (Nursery Rhyme); One Fish, Two Fish, Red
Fish, Blue Fish (Dr. Seuss); A Pair of Blue Eyes (Thomas Hardy)

Film: Blue Hawaii; The Blue Lagoon; Blue Murder; Blue Velvet; Le Grande Bleu
(The Big Blue); Out of the Blue; Puberty Blues; Three Colour Series (Red,
White and Blue); Zoolander (“Blue Steel”)

Music: Blue Suede Shoes (Elvis Presley); The Blues; The Blues Brothers; Blue
Danube (Strauss); Blue Note album covers; Blue Velvet (Bobby Vinton); Ol’
Blue Eyes (Frank Sinatra); Rhapsody in Blue (Gershwin)

Performance: The Blue Room

Television: Blue’s Clues; Blue Heelers; Hill Street Blues; NYPD Blue; Thin
Blue Line; White Collar Blue

Submissions should be sent to philament_at_arts.usyd.edu.au and must be
received by Friday October 24th, 2003. Earlier submissions are encouraged.

Contributors are encouraged to submit self-contained pieces that meet any of
the following criteria:

-        Reviews
-        Conference reports
-        Academic papers up to 6,000 wds

Academic papers must conform to Chicago Manual of Style referencing
guidelines (available online at
http://www.public.iastate.edu/~donpayne/310/chicago.html or

All submissions may be submitted electronically via email, CD or
PC-formatted disk and must be in Microsoft Word or HTML format. Submissions
must be accompanied by a brief biographical summary of the author, which
should include information on the inspiration for or genesis of the
submitted work

Philament will only accept submissions that have not been previously
published and are not under consideration elsewhere.

All copyright remains with contributors, but subsequent publication of works
included in any Philament issue must acknowledge Philament as the site of
initial publication.

For further information visit www.arts.usyd.edu.au/publications/philament

“...planes and trains and boats and buses
characteristically evoke a common attitude of blue
unless you have a suitcase and a ticket and a passport
and the cargo that they’re carrying is you
a foreign affair juxtaposed with a stateside
and domestically approved romantic fancy
is mysteriously attractive due to circumstances knowing
it will only be parlayed into a memory...”

Tom Waits “Foreign Affair”
[Copyright © 1977 Elektra Entertainment]

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